Aliens: Colonial Marines Single Player DLC is on the Way

by on July 8, 2013

The much maligned Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting single player DLC, according to a list of trophies spotted by PS3Trophies.org (via Eurogamer)

The add-on is apparently titled Stasis Interrupted and will be the first campaign DLC for Gearbox Software’s lacklustre effort.  If all of this turns out to be fact, this will also be the final piece of content attached to the game’s Season Pass.

Awarded a 5/10 by our own Mick Fraser, he said that Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t quite as bad as people were claiming, but was still lacking in many departments.

It sold well, though. The Aliens license did relatively well for Sega and Gearbox, so I’m sure that some extra content would also do decent numbers.