Copperhead Revealed at Batman: Arkham Origins SDCC Panel

by on July 20, 2013

At San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled another one of Black Mask’s eight assassins that are trying to hunt down Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. That assassin is Copperhead.

Prior to DC Comics’ New 52 revamp in 2011, the character of Copperhead was a male criminal that dressed up like a snake, but Copperhead has since undergone a few radical changes in The New 52 and now with Arkham Origins, Copperhead is a female. This version of Copperhead is also said to be joining DC Comics’ line as soon as the third game in the series is released on October 25, worldwide.

Creative Director Eric Holmes said Copperhead has a number of athletic and acrobatic attributes, along with the traditional snake-like movements of the Copperhead fans know.