Strider Is Coming To Current & Next-Generation Consoles

by on July 19, 2013

If you are old enough to remember the glory days of the Mega Drive, then surely you must have heard of Strider, the jaw-dropping arcade port that became an early indicator of the kinds of arcade titles the console would see throughout it’s life.

Strider Hiryu has fallen on hard times since then, with a sequel in 1999 and then nothing but a few cameos in some of Capcom’s Vs series of fighters. But Capcom and Killer Instinct developers Double Helix Games are trying to make it up to the ultimate ninja, by releasing an all new downloadable title for both current generation and next generation systems.

In an alternate future version of Earth, Strider Hiryu is on a mission to assassinate Grand Master Meio. It’s a tough task, but Hiryu has plenty of tools for the job; including kunais,  plasma weapons known as Cypher, a climbing sickle to scale walls, and his own acrobatic skills. Check out the first trailer and screenshots:

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Strider is coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2014.