Atlus Reveal Conception II Details

by on December 18, 2013

Atlus have today released a tonne of details about their curiously Persona-esque new role player, the quirky Conception II. Engineered by Mystery Dungeon crew Spike Chunsoft, it places you in the role of “God’s Gift” – a teenager stuffed chock-full of Star Power which enables him to kick some serious demonic ass when monsters start entering our world via the Pandora Labyrinth.

Featuring a kooky “Classmating” ritual which enables you to forge bonds with your female schoolmates to unlock special powers. Complicating matters is your rival Alec – a snobbish character emanating from a wealthy background who is miffed that you displaced him as top dog in school.

ATLUS have been very generous and have announced that a cool collectors edition for when the game hits the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS – but ONLY on a limited run and for those who pre-order the game.

The special collectors pack will come in a neat box and includes a 10-track music CD courtesy of composer Masato Kouda. participating retailers will be announced when confirmed.

We have no details of a UK release presently, but Atlus are saying that a Spring 2014 is on the cards for US gamers, with a confirmed price point of $39.99 for either format.

In the meantime you can head across to the official site to keep an eye on developments.

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