New Daylight Trailer is Scary

by on January 6, 2014

Developed by Zombie Studios and published by Atlus, Daylight is a game all about getting lost and running from creepy Ring-like ladies.

Using your smartphone as both map and flashlight, the game bears striking resemblances to the recent spat of combat-lite horror titles, such as Amnesia and Outlast.

Perhaps most interestingly is the promise of procedurally generated levels, no small feat with locales looking as good as they do in the trailer below.

I understand why you’d make a game like this so that there’s an element of random-ness – they are popular games to livestream or record for YouTube, and having levels unique to each player would ensure that watching someone else won’t ruin the game.

I do worry, however, that taking this route with the design of the game could potentially compromise its ability to tell a coherent tale.

There’s not long to wait though, PC and PS4 players will get to find out if Daylight features any Daylight when the game is released this year.

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