Apple celebrates indie games in a new permanent feature on the App Store

by on March 17, 2017

Apple has a new permanent feature for Indie Games on the App Store.

Given the App Store is a curated store front, it still receives a mindblowing number of new apps and games everyday. Unlike Google Play where there is no quality control (just like Steam), the signal to noise ratio for app and game quality on iOS is much higher. But indie developers (outside of a select few) have had trouble getting visibility on the store. Apple aims to fix this with a new permanent feature called “Celebrating Indie Games”. Talking to gamesindustry.biz Dan Gray, head of studio at ustwo (Monument Valley), had the following to say about this:

“I think Apple have done a great job promoting indie style games in the past and it’s great to see them move further in this direction. One look through the featuring week by week shows that a disproportionate amount of exposure is given to smaller teams and now with the new indie section that looks to be continuing.”

The current feature is seeing indie developers and Apple release a new game everyday from March 9 until March 20. We’ve already seen some big name games like Oxenfree release.

I’m glad Apple is finally doing something permanent to highlight premium games on the App Store. With other platform holders like Sony and more recently Nintendo showcasing indies, Apple isn’t getting left behind. You can view the feature on the App Store here.

Thanks, toucharcade.

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