Valkyria Revolution digital preorder detailed, Yasunori Mitsuda talks soundtrack

by on May 31, 2017

SEGA just announced digital preorder details for Valkyria Revolution and released a new video about the soundtrack.

Valkyria Revolution is a month away from release and you can now preorder it digitally on PSN. On PS4, you get an exclusive theme along with The Formation of Vanargand and The Ring of Contract DLC Scenarios, 30 ragnite shards, a collection of special ragnite to use in combat (Time Flux+, Heal Field+, Fall Earth+, and Shine Calibur+) in North America. In Europe you get 30 ragnite shards and the Time Flux+, Heal Field+, and Fall Earth+ ragnites. The Xbox One preorder nets you the same items but no theme.

The soundtrack for Valkyria Revolution has been composed by veteran Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger fame. You can watch a video of him discussing the music below:

Valkyria Revolution will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One on June 30 in Europe and June 27 in North America.