SpatialOS Unreal Engine integration is now in Open Beta

by on October 17, 2017

SpatialOS in Unreal Engine is now in open beta.

Improbable just announced that the integration for SpatialOS in Unreal Engine is now in open beta for developers across the globe. SpatialOS 12.0 just released with new features for Unreal with high fidelity graphics in SpatialOS. This will allow for more creative possibilities for indies to blockbusters in an online world. Rob Whitehead, CTO of Improbably commented:

“We’re delighted that our Unreal integration has reached this level of stability, eight months after we first revealed it. This is a huge step for our platform – the Unreal Engine and Epic have been cornerstones of the games industry for several tech generations, and our team has grown up with games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. We’re already supporting third-party studios familiar with Unreal in their work on the next generation of games – and we’re always looking for more.”

The open beta is available currently for Windows development with multiple projects in the works.

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