Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5 “A Requiem for Heroes” arrives in two parts beginning January 2019

by on November 20, 2018

Square Enix just announced Patch 4.5 details including when it is expected.

A Requiem for Heroes is the patch 4.5 title and it arrives beginning January 2019 in two parts. The second part arrives in March 2019. This will include the Blue Mage job. If you missed it, the new expansion that arrives in 2019 was announced at the fan fest. Read about Shadowbringers here. Check the Blue Mage trailer below:

Patch 4.5 includes the following new content and features:

New Main Scenario Quests
The Finale of The Four Lords
Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
New Instanced Dungeons – The Ghimlyt Dark
New Return to Ivalice Raid – The Orbonne Monastery
New Trials – Seiryu – The Wreathe of Snakes (Normal and Extreme)
The Forbidden Land, Eureka – Hydatos Expedition
Rival Wings Update – New Map
Gold Saucer Update – New GATE
New World Visit System
And much, much more…

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4 and PC platforms.