Far Cry New Dawn video review

by on February 14, 2019

Ubisoft’s semi-sequel to last year’s sterling Far Cry 5 is here, and Chris White has reviewed it. Here’s a snippet:

“Far Cry New Dawn isn’t as robust as its predecessor, and the story is nowhere near as decent, but I still had fun re-treading old ground. It’s obvious something is missing as it never really feels like a sequel – more of a hefty expansion – and after encountering a couple of bugs that had me more than frustrated, I was left wishing Ubisoft Montreal had focused on something new, and on somewhere different to provide an entirely new adventure.”

But for those who prefer it, we’ve also produced a video narrated by our own slightly insane spiritual leader, Adam Cook. Check it out below.

Enjoy that? Now read the full written review by Chris White.