What’s New In Red Dead Online This Week

by on June 19, 2019

This week is the final week to get a hold of the one-time care packages, for reaching Rank 10 and/or Rank 20 in Red Dead Online.

If you hit Rank 10 before June 24th, you’ll receive a hunting care package that includes:

  • 20 small game arrows
  • 20 fire arrows
  • 20 poison arrows
  • 5 predator bait
  • 5 herbivore bait

Reaching Rank 20 before the 24th will net you:

  • 3 minty big game meat
  • 3 oregano game meat
  • 3 thyme big game meat
  • 10 baked beans
  • 10 corned beef
  • 10 canned salmon
  • 5 Jolly Jack’s
  • 5 cocaine gum
  • 5 moonshine
  • 5 gin
  • 5 Guarma Rum
  • 5 fine brandy

There have been some new additions to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue, too. Lightfoot Pants and Austin Boots adored with an eagle, plus limited-stock items such as the Charro Jacket, Vaquero Baroque Spurs and Clymene Coat. Alongside these, you can also grab the new Hissy Fit emote, for when you hit the absolute limit of reason.

There’s also the new Elimination Series playlist, allowing players to compete in Make It Count with Bow and Arrow or Throwing Knives, in a variety of locales. Or larger groups can take part in Gun Rush.

Either way, playing Elimination Series games will net you a 30% XP and RDO$ boost. Winning a match will earn you 60 High Velocity bullets for each gun class.

And finally, all Tonics are 25% off this week.