What to Expect in Red Dead Online This Week

by on August 6, 2019

Before the next big update to Red Dead Online, coming later in the Summer, it’s time for another round of bonuses and deals.

First off, head to your nearest gunsmith and you can take advantage of discounted weaponry. These include 25% off the Double-Action Revolver and 25% off the Springfield Rifle. If you’re after something a little more personal, not to mention bloody (you monster), local Fences are offering 50% off the Hatchet and Cleaver.

Meanwhile, the Rawson, Wheeler and Co. Catalogue sees the return of a few limited-time items. Gentlemen (yeah, right) can grab the Charro jacket, while the ladies can try on the Clymene Coat. You can also grab the Owanjila Hat and Concho Pants, to bring a little style to your villainous ways. Don’t pretend like you’re a good guy, nobody believes you.

In addition, all vests that typically require Rank 31 and above have been temporarily made available to those at Rank 30, while Vests typically requiring Rank 11-29 are currently reduced to Rank 10.

Finally, for those of you taking on missions Jessica LeClerk and Horley, A Land of Opportunities missions are dishing out extra rewards. Complete any of these missions to earn yourself 30% extra RDO$ and XP, over the next two weeks.