Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now available on PS4 and Xbox One

by on September 6, 2019

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has finally arrived on both PS4 and Xbox One. The massive expansion to one of the best games this generation is finally here bringing new monsters, loads of new quality of life changes, better online multiplayer, and the completion to Monster Hunter World’s story. Mick Fraser and I have been playing it and you can read his glowing review for the expansion here. When Capcom promised an expansion with content to rival the size of Monster Hunter World, many people scoffed at them. It is great to see Monster Hunter World: Iceborne be this great and deliver on just about every promise. Watch our video review below:

If you’ve not played Monster Hunter World for a while, don’t be afraid of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Capcom has some free armor you can use to have a much more pleasant time in the base game’s story. This armor set will be available for free to all players after the big patch downloads on PS4 and Xbox One. You need to talk to your housekeeper in to get it. Check out the Guardian Armor set below:

If you’ve already played Monster Hunter World and are just about to dip your feet into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, read this. Mick Fraser has some useful tips for newcomers and veterans to Monster Hunter World. I know it is tempting to just jump into the Hoarfrost Reach but some of this will you save you a lot of time and energy. You can also watch our video for some pointers below:

There are a few ways to buy Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Whether you own Monster Hunter World digitally or on disc, you have a few options. Check this out to see what editions are available at retail including a nice SteelBook release.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. It releases in January 2020 for PC.