The Disco Elysium OST is available to buy now

by on February 12, 2020

ZA/UM have released the OST for their RPG, Disco Elysium, on Steam. The soundtrack has 20 original tracks composed and performed by band British Sea Power.

The soundtrack is available now, regardless of if you own the game or not, and comes with a limited time launch offer of 25% off.

If you fancy a look at the track list then look no further:

  1. Instrument of Surrender
  2. Whirling-In-Rags, 8 AM
  3. Detective Arriving on the Scene
  4. Tiger King
  5. Your Body Betrays Your Degeneracy
  6. Precinct 41 Major Crime Unit
  7. The Insulindian Miracle
  8. Polyhedrons
  9. Live With Me
  10. The Field Autopsy
  11. Miss Oranje Disco Dancer
  12. Rue de Saint-Ghislaine 32B
  13. The Doomed Commercial Area
  14. The Cryptozoologists
  15. Whirling-In-Rags, 8 PM
  16. Disco Elysium, pt 1
  17. Disco Elysium, pt. 2
  18. Ecstatic Vibrations, Totally Transcendent
  19. Saint-Brune 1147 (Small Pinewood Church)
  20. Martinaise, Terminal B
  21. We Are Not Checkmated
  22. Hope in Work and Joy in Leisure
  23. Burn, Baby, Burn
  24. Whirling-In-Rags 12 PM
  25. La Revacholiere
  26. Krenel, Downwell, Somatosensor
  27. Off We Go Into The Wild Pale Yonder
  28. ZA/UM

Plenty of tracks to keep you going for a while! The Disco Elysium soundtrack will cost you £9.99 with or without the name. The track is also available in FLAC and MP3 320 kbps formats.