Vikendi Returns to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in Season 7 Update

by on April 14, 2020

After a short hiatus, PUBG Corp is bringing back the Vikendi map, giving it a huge overhaul in the process.

Dinoland has been updated, the Cosmodrome has been given a makeover, and there’s even a train running throughout each match! This is all part of the free 7.1 update later this month.

With Season 7’s arrival alongside this update, the new premium Survivor Pass entitled “Cold Front” will be available. Including new weapon skins, costumes and more, even hinting at the history of Vikendi.

The story of Vikendi will take shape through Survivor Pass: Cold Front as players unlock bits of the Lindh family’s plans for the island. Horseback riding gear and battered mascot costumes cover both the Lindhs’ posh upbringing and the broken dreams that follow poor planning and naked ambition. Dinoland was supposed to be the centerpiece of a vacation paradise that would sprawl all over the island, but dangerous family dynamics brought it all crashing down.


Season 7 begins on PC on April 21st, with consoles coming in the following week on April 28th.

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