Watch the First F1 2020 Gameplay Trailer

by on May 13, 2020

Codemasters has released the first gameplay trailer for F1 2020, showing off some of the cars and teams in action.

Check it out here:


Showcasing wheel-to-wheel action from both F1 and F2, which will be fully integrated into this year’s Career mode, against the backdrop of the current F1 theme, written and produced by Brian Tyler.

“The first in-game trailer has become a key moment in the F1® game campaign and this year is no exception,” said Lee Mather, F1® Franchise Game Director at Codemasters. “Each season we raise the visual benchmark, and with more circuits
and teams getting new liveries, we can’t wait for the season to start and for players to be able to race.”


The list of Classic cars has also been released:

• (2010) Red Bull RB6
• (2008) McLaren MP4 –23
• (2007) Ferrari F 2007
• (2006) Renault R26
• (2004) Ferrari F2004
• (1998) McLaren MP4-13
• (1996) Williams FW18
• (1991) McLaren MP4/6
• (1992) Williams FW14
• (1988) McLaren MP4/4
• (2009) Brawn BGP 001

• (2003) Williams FW25
• (2010) Ferrari F10
• (2010) McLaren MP4-25
• (1990) Ferrari 641
• (1990) McLaren MP4/5B

These are on top of those included in the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition:

• (1991) Jordan 191
• (1994) Benetton B194
• (1995) Benetton B195
• (2000) Ferrari F1-2000

If you want to know more about F1 2020, you should check out our hands-on impressions. The game itself is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on July 10th.