Serious Sam 4 Trailer Tells a Story

by on September 21, 2020

Serious Sam 4 is just days away from release, so Devolver Digital and developer Croteam have released a new story trailer to get you in the mood for Sam’s latest adventure.

Have a watch:


While the Serious Sam series has never exactly been a storytelling powerhouse, it’s always had a little fun with its cheesy hero and his ongoing feud with pretty much any alien being. In this fourth entry (well, the fourth numbered title), Croteam has gone back in time to tell a prequel story. The gameplay will still be full of the same, familiar circle-strafing and backpedal-blasting for which the series is famous, just in case you’re worried about the formula changing too much.

Serious Sam 4 arrives, headless and screaming, on Steam and Google Stadia on September 24th.