The 10 games in EA Play via Xbox Game Pass you need to download right now

by on January 19, 2021

Now that EA Play via Xbox Game Pass is completely free with a subscription to the Microsoft service, there are tons of fantastic games available for you to play. Whether you’re in the mood for some free-running, fancy exploring the cosmos with a lightsaber in hand, or just want to cruise around in some sexy cars, there’s something for everyone. We take a look at 10 games you should definitely download through EA Play and start enjoying right now.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Podcast #372: Google Stadia, Star Wars

The story of Cal Kestis and his journey to remember his Jedi routes after Order 66 is filled with excitement. As you travel all over the Star Wars Universe to relearn your Force powers and take out the Empire, you’ll meet a range of interesting characters, and see some of the most fleshed out planets yet. From Darth Maul’s home of Dathomir to the Wookie world of Kashyyk, there are some beautiful visuals on offer, and with a layered combat system that never gets boring, it’s definitely one to check out if you’ve yet to do so.

A Way Out

A Way Out EA Play via Xbox Game Pass

If you’re looking to play something with a friend online, or introducing story-based multiplayer to someone who is relatively new to gaming, A Way Out is the perfect choice. Following two inmates who’s lives intertwine in a gripping and emotional way, A Way Out manages to blend stealth, action, and puzzles into one small yet satisfying package. It’s a surprisingly dense game, where the story carries on beyond the prison escape, with a twist that is hard to see coming.

Dead Space

Visceral Games’ Dead Space is regarded as one of the best survival horrors of all time. It’s hard to disagree, as Isaac Clarke’s job of repairing the Ishimura’s communications takes a horrendous turn for the worst. Genuinely terrifying and stressful to play, Dead Space made damn sure you were never able to feel safe or breathe a sigh of relief due to the constant threat of the alien hordes. You could use telekinesis, cut body parts off, and shoot the aliens to holy hell, making every second of your time a roller coaster of exhilaration and anxiety.

Titanfall 2

EA did everything they could to make Titanfall 2 a global hit, and whilst it didn’t reach the heights of other Respawn titles, it wasn’t down to shoddy gameplay. Movement was fluid, gun-play was dreamlike, and the level designs allowed you to feel free despite the linear path you followed. The single player offered a short but sweet campaign, letting you take plenty of Titans out for a stroll, and the multiplayer was a ton of fun to boot. It’s a shame we may never get a follow up, but thanks to EA Access you can go and play this one right now.

Sea of Solitude

Changing the pace slightly, Sea of Solitude is void of machine guns and aliens, but there’s a different kind of enemy throughout the story. You play as Kay, a young girl who turns into a monster and must try and understand what has happened to her. Not only that, there’re other characters you meet who aren’t what they seem, and with a simple puzzle approach and stunning visuals, the emotionally hard-hitting tale of Kay will leave you thinking about it long after you’ve finished it. It’s not an obvious choice to download on EA Play via Xbox Game Pass, but it’s certainly one you should make.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered on EA Play via Xbox Game Pass

Driving through the streets of Paradise City is one of the most liberating experiences you can have in a video game. Not only does it have a killer soundtrack (Avril Lavigne, baby!) and a vast selection of cars, it also provides you with plenty of ways to race, along with opportunities to destroy other cars and settings all around the beautifully crafted city. Burnout Paradise Remastered also comes with all the additional downloadable content, so you’d be mad not to download this to your console.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 on EA Play via Xbox Game Pass

Before I start gushing about Mass Effect 2, the entire trilogy is available on the service for Xbox One, so if you’ve never experienced one of the greatest space operas of all time, Bioware’s three-part saga is a must. Mass Effect 2 features a superb story, and depending on how you play through the game, it could end up with some horrific consequences. I’ll never get over what happened to me and my crew, but your story could be different (I sincerely hope so!). The various planets are diverse and interesting, characters have some fantastic dialogue and personalities, and the gameplay is much more advanced than the first.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two on EA Play via Xbox Game Pass

Whilst Coldwood Interactive’s debut may have split opinion, its sequel was so much better. Visually, its gorgeous, with photo-realistic backdrops and vivid colours. It also has – in my opinion – the best local co-op I’ve ever played. Teaming up with another Yarny, you must make your way through myriad of puzzles that constantly vary in difficulty which never fail to challenge you. It also has a powerful story that isn’t expected, and it is something you and a friend can experience together.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge Catalyst review

You may have just spat out your tea, but I have to give credit to EA and DICE for this beautiful game. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a free running masterclass, giving you the freedom to run around the stunning city and take down the bad guys once and for all. It’s the only game I’ve never fast travelled in, fundamentally because the movement is so satisfying. Implementing attack patterns into the way you make your way around adds to the joy of Catalyst, making it one of my most underrated games of the last 10 years.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Now that Star Wars Battlefront II features multiple maps across all three trilogies, it feels like the ultimate Star Wars game. Whether you’re firing blasters, wielding lightsabers, or using the Force, there’s something for everyone. Battles feel authentic, with full-scale wars happening all around you whilst you play your part. From Kamino to Geonosis, Tatooine to the Death Star, there are various maps and modes to take part in, and lots of characters for you to control. It’s a no-brainer for downloading on EA Play via Xbox Game Pass.