Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

by on January 11, 2021

All Monster Hunter games have always featured life out in the world that can be farmed to create potions, tools, buffs and gear. In Monster Hunter World, these creatures could be hunted and caught with either a net or a rod and used for various alchemical purposes or simply to display in your hunter’s private room.

Monster Hunter Rise introduces a bevy of new endemic creatures to track down and utilise in the field for temporary buffs or to get you out of a pinch with an enraged monster. Others still can be used for traversal. Read on for a list of all the new and returning endemic life in Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

If you’re poisoned and out of antidote or are far away from camp, the Antidobra might just save your life. Grab it and use it to cure poison and temporarily prevent getting poisoned again. These fellas are pretty hard to miss, but don’t be afraid – they don’t actually bite.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

In Monster Hunter World, kicking a Blastoad caused a small explosion that damaged monsters and hunters alike. Well this one does the same, except you can throw it like a bomb. Handy.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

The Butterflame is a pretty bug that flaps around minding its own business, until you slap it, at which point it unleashes a red cloud that increases your attack damage for a limited time.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

Like the Butterflame, the Clothfly flaps around ignoring you. But if you use it, your defence will be temporarily boosted.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

The Cutterfly will increase your Affinity, making it more likely to inflict status effects on monsters and score critical hits with raw damage weapons.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

This cute little snail can be squeezed to heal damage, which may be a bit weird, but will almost certainly save your life if you find yourself on death’s door sans potions or lifepowders.


A bit like the Blastoad, the Fire Beetle can be thrown at the target to engulf it in flames, dealing fire damage.

Jewel Lillies

The Jewel Lilly itself is not the endemic life in question, but rather hides the Greater Wirebug, a huge version of the handy little bug that, when used alongside a Lilly, will propel you skywards to a higher point on the map.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

The Mud Beetle works like the Fire Beetle, except it inflicts Mud, which slows the target and speeds up stamina consumption.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

These handy little butterflies slow down your stamina usage. Very helpful if you’ve a long way to run, or for Stamina-heavy weapon users.

Puppet Spider

This little beaut is a very helpful boi. If you’re out of wirebugs and the monster is in its mountable state, throwing a Puppet Spider at it instead will achieve the same outcome; namely you mounting the poor thing and ramming it into walls until it falls over.

Rock Lizard

Unlike the others here, the Rock Lizard can’t be carried around in the Helper Cage or interfered with to induce a buff. Rather, you kick the poor little sod in the arse and it disgorges a piece of mined material like Iron Ore.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

Described as a “weasel”, the Stinkmink can spray a special pheromone that attracts nearby monsters, meaning you don’t need to run around the map looking for them. Smells bloody awful though.


Another throwable beetle-bomb, this one will inflict Thunderblight, rendering the target easier to stun


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

While dung is still a feature, without the stinger you’ll literally be throwing pooh at monsters to get them to go away. Or, you could scatter Trapbugs on floor, which will hurt the monster’s toesie-wosies and make it flee the area.


Monster Hunter Rise | Endemic Life Guide

The Wirebug is perhaps the most important new form of endemic life in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing for a number of new traversal moves, weapons skills (known as Silkbind Moves), and even binding and mounting the monster. The ironsilk secreted by the Wirebug is incredibly durable and can be used for climbing and swinging around the environment. Collecting one in the field will increase your number of usable Wirebugs to 3 temporarily.