Monster Hunter Rise | How to find the Cohoot Nest and get free items

by on April 7, 2021

There’s plenty of things to see and do in Monster Hunter Rise, and most of them are shown to you quite well. However one of the little secrets in Monster Hunter Rise is the Cohoot Nest. Not only is it a lovely thing to find but it can actually net you some free items after every hunt. We’ll tell you all you need to know about this secret below.

Who is Cohoot?

Cohoot is a pet owl that is given to you by Elder Fugen at the start of your Monster Hunter Rise journey. Whilst he won’t fight with you on hunts, he can be called to you and will perch on your arm. He can be used to hold the camera when you take photos so you can be in the photos yourself, so he’s a handy bird to have around. You can even customise his outfits as you unlock them, throughout your game.

Where is the Cohoot Nest?

Any good pet needs a place to sleep, right? Well as Cohoot is an owl, it makes sense that his home is up a tree in the form of a Nest. To find the Cohoot Nest in Monster Hunter Rise you’ll need to head to the Buddy Plaza. To do this head off to the wooded area over the bridge from the main village area. Alternatively, you can hold down the “-“ button which will bring up the fast travel menu. From here you can select Buddy Plaza – it should be second on the fast travel list.

How do I get to the Cohoot Nest?

Once you’re in the Buddy Plaza, you’ll need to look for the tree. From the entrance head towards the Meowcenaries area. From here just to your left you should see a big tree. That’s where Cohoot’s Nest is. You now have two options for how to get up there. For the less adventurous, you can find climbable vines around the back of the tree that you can use to scale all the way to the top.

However, it is also possible to access from the front but you will need two well-timed Wiredashes to achieve it. Firstly you’ll need to look up and you should see two platforms about halfway up the tree. Aim you wire bug dashes for just above them and you should end up landing on them. From here you can climb the vines and front of the tree to reach the summit.

What will I find there?

Monster Hunter Rise Cohoot Nest

When you get the top, you’ll need to turn right if you approached from the front (turn left if you climbed up from the back) and move along a branch. You should see Cohoot perched on a branch further away from you but in front of you will. E a Nest full of weird and wonderful things.

The main reason for doing this though is that Cohoot’s Nest is a gathering node, so help yourself. You’ll find a mixture of various things such as Trap Tools, Lagniapples, fish and if you’re lucky a Steel Egg. The latter can be sold for 1000z and so it’s always worth a quick check in the Nest just in case.

Technically, Cohoot’s Nest restocks after each quest, however we’ve found it more profitable to return after several quests have been completed as you’re more likely to get a decent haul. Returning after a single hunt normally gets you a single low value item.

But given how quickly you can get there it’s well worth visiting Cohoot’s Nest frequently for free items. You can always just sell want you don’t need for some extra cash, which is always handy.



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