Returnal: How to get the house key

by on April 30, 2021

Just what is that house in Returnal, and where is the key? One of the recurring themes in Returnal is Selene’s fractured past and the events leading up to her enrolment with Astra’s scout program. While the bulk of gameplay is set in the many terrifying locales of Atropos, there’s one area that continues to pop up, where Selene can explore her past.

You’ll find the House fairly early on, but when you first come across it you won’t be able to get in as you need the key. Here’s where to find it.

Returnal house key: Where is it?

Returnal house key guide

Continue on past the house and keep exploring. Given the randomised nature of the Overgrown Ruins, it’s difficult to be precise here. But you need to look for the doors marked by blue triangles on the map.

Eventually you’ll find a long room, empty save for a single Xeno pillar in the middle. At the far end of the room, you’ll see a plinth with an item to unlock. This item is the House Key, and will remain on your person even after you die.

Returnal house key guide

Just so you know, you can only access the house a few times during your entire Returnal playthrough. But it’s worth doing so every time as it often reveals secrets about the story. Sometimes it also rewards Selene with a new ability or item to help her survive.

The house sequences are also some of the best moments in the game, switching from desperate bullet hell blasting to creepy, slowburn horror.

Retuirnal house key guide

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