Returnal: How to get past the Red Barriers

by on April 30, 2021

If you’ve started Returnal, you’ll have come across pesky red energy barriers that either impede your progress or protect enemies from damage. Seems a bit unfair, right? Well, luckily there’s a solution, and we’re going to help you find it.

What are the red barriers?

These barriers are comprised of crackling red energy and are impervious to gunfire. The ones blocking doorways are bad enough, but some of them surround the turrets and make for some decidedly one-sided fights.

Retunal Guide | Red Barriers

You’ll notice that when you approach them it says “Missing Xenotech required”. Well, that means you need to unlock something you haven’t found yet – in this case, a melee weapon that you’ll find if you continue pushing into the Overgrown Ruins.

Where is the Xeno Sword?

You’re looking for a doorway marked on the map with a blue circle above it. Inside is a huge circular plinth like a pool flanked by huge weeping statues. It’s also marked on the map with a distinctive white symbol.

Retunal Guide | Red Barriers

This is the gateway to the next area, which you won’t be able to open for a while. Don’t worry, though, go into the room anyway. On a corpse in front of it is the sword hilt, which allows you to destroy red barriers by pressing Square.

You can also cut down vines and smash through certain walls with it. Not only that, it’s also a powerful melee weapon that’s handy for staggering the Malformed Hostiles or obliterating low level grunt-like enemies in one hit. That’s it, you can now get through the Returnal red barriers!

Oh, and it’s cool AF.

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