Resident Evil Village | Solve the Mia Dummy puzzle

by on May 7, 2021

House Beneviento provides some of the creepiest moments in Resident Evil Village. But it also houses one of the game’s more intricate puzzles, the Mia Dummy puzzle. It’s a puzzle sequence that’s longer than most in the game and can be quite confusing. So we’ve laid out every step you need to take to help. Here’s our guide on how to solve the Resident Evil Village Mia Dummy puzzle.


Where is the Dummy?

You’ll find the Mia Dummy in the basement level of House Beneviento. It will appear in the Doll Workshop after a small cutscene when you enter. You’ll find that all your equipment has gone, and so you’ll need to progress the game with what you can find around the house.

Interacting with the Dummy

The first thing you should do is head over to the Dummy on the table and examine it every way you can.

  1. Examining the left hand will show a ring which you can remove, giving you the Blood Covered Ring.
  2. Examine the mouth to discover something is stuck there which needs an item to retrieve
  3. Examining the left eye allows you to rotate it to reveal a symbol of a bird flying to the right
  4. Examining the chest will reveal bandages you could cut if you had the tool to do so
  5. Examine the left leg to discover you can separate it at the kneecap revealing a Winding Key
  6. Examine the upper right arm to discover a removable panel near the shoulder revealing a Silver Key
  7. Also, examine the lower right arm to detach it revealing the symbol of three closed eyes

Use the Silver Key

You can unlock the Medicine Room next door with the Silver Key. Go in and make your way to the sink on the left-hand side. If you interact with the sink you can turn the water on. Interact a second time and you can select an item. Choose the Blood Covered Ring and the water will wash the ring clean, revealing the Wedding Ring item. The other door in the Medicine Room is locked, so you need to return to the Doll Workshop.

Leaving the Doll Workshop

Your next task is to leave the Doll Workshop to explore more of the basement level of the house. There’s a combination lock on the door you originally entered by, so you’ll need to the combination if you want to escape. Select the Wedding Ring from your inventory and Examine it closer. Rotate the ring until you reveal a date engraved on the inside of the ring. It reads:

05 29 11

This is the code you can use on the combination lock to exit the Doll Workshop.

The Music Box

Proceed through the door into the corridor. Turn right at the end and move forward. As you approach you’ll notice the door of the previously locked Storage Room will swing open and allow you to enter. Move round to the table at the back, and you’ll notice a music box on the far corner of it. use the Winding Key on it, to open it You’ll now need to rearrange the cylinders so they are in the correct order. The best way to do that is to line up the slash lines across them. The line on the far right is fixed, so use that as a starting point, and there is only one correct order where the lines flow unbroken. If you are struggling place them in the order as shown in the picture above. Then use the on-screen prompt to play the Music Box. This unlocks the bottom panel of the Music Box, revealing the Tweezers.

The Film Puzzle

Make your way back to the Doll Workshop the way you came. Once there you can use your new-found Tweezers on the mouth of the Mia Dummy. This will reveal a Film with a recognisable figure on it. Go back out down the corridor, turning right and left, until you’re back at the elevator you came down on. To the right of you is the Study, which you now need to go in. First off read on the table in front of you:

Our Happy Family

  1. Rose’s best friend in the whole wide world.
  2. She really likes this fairytale.
  3. The most important thing in the world to us.
  4. A wedding gift from grandma.
  5. Proof of Ethan’s everlasting love for me.

This is the order you need to place the films to the right. Use your Film to complete the collection. Now place them in this order from left to right: Rose’s Teddy, Book, Rose, Music Box, Wedding Ring. This will start the projector which will play a short black and white film. Once it has finished, the screen will drop, and a secret passageway will be revealed.

The Scissors

Enter the passageway and turn right. Walk to the end, and look to the right and you will see a doll holding something. Examine it to reveal the Scissors. Crouch down and move towards the bandages, and use the Scissors on them to cut your way through. Interact with the Phone (twice) and then proceed down the corridor. You’ll find you can now open the door to the Medicine Room from the other side, do so and make your way back to Doll Workshop. With your Scissors cut the Mia Dummy bandages. This will reveal a panel in her chest, which can be removed to reveal a Brass Medallion.

Medallion Puzzle

The final part of the Mia Dummy puzzle in Resident Evil Village is to open the locked door down the corridor in the Doll Workshop. Firstly as you approach, you will notice a circular indentation, which you put an item in. Put your Brass Medallion in this slot. You’ll notice however that the door doesn’t immediately open. This is because the other two discs need to be showing the correct designs as well. The right designs to choose were revealed to you when you inspected the Mia Dummy earlier. Put the bottom image to match the three closed eyes image, and match the top left image to the bird flying to the right. Once done, you can unlock the door and continue your journey, having solved the Mia Dummy puzzle in Resident Evil Village.



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