Resident Evil Village | Where to find Finest Fish

by on May 7, 2021

Cooking is introduced in Resident Evil Village which gives you permanent upgrades that will help on your journey, and one such meal requires the rare Finest Fish ingredient. It can be quite tricky to find if you don’t know where to look because, unlike other meat sources, these special ingredients are not added to your map when found. So if you’re struggling to find the Finest Fish ingredient, then look no further thanks to our handy guide.


What do I need Finest Fish for?

Resident Evil Village Finest Fish

All cooking recipes are concocted via Duke, and these are unlocked after finishing the House Beneviento section of the game. The Finest Fish ingredient is needed for the Sarmale De Peste Recipe. Cooking this with Duke will increase your movement speed permanently, which is essential for getting out of tight scrapes quickly and generally aiding your maneuverability.

Finding Finest Fish

Finding the Crank

As part of the Moreau questline, you will come across the Crank, which allows you to interact with various contraptions, particularly lowering drawbridge to access previously inaccessible areas. Once you have returned to the Altar section with Duke after defeating Moreau you can proceed with finding the Finest Fish

Get on the boat

From the Altar, you need to head West, back towards Castle Dimitrescu, but stop once you get to the river. Turn right just before the river, and head down to a small dock area, with a drawbridge contraption. Here you can use your new Crank to lower the drawbridge allowing you to cross the river. This reveals a boat you can now jump aboard and use to navigate the river.

Head South

You have two options in the boat, to follow the river North or South. Both lead to interesting locations, but the Finest Fish is located to the South, so follow the river in this direction until you come across a small area where you can dock the boat and disembark.

Look for a Gold Fish in the pond

Resident Evil Village Finest Fish

Once off the boat, you will come to a junction. Head left and around to a small pond. You will see three fish swimming around in it. You will notice that one of these fish is gold. This fish is the Finest Fish. Kill it with a weapon (use the Knife to conserve ammo if you can). Your reward will be the Finest Fish, one of the rare ingredients in Resident Evil Village. You can now return it to Duke and use it as part of the Sarmale De Peste Recipe.



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