Resident Evil Village | Where to find the Grenade Launcher

by on May 7, 2021

Along with the Magnum, the Grenade Launcher is a stalwart of the Resident Evil series, and it makes an appearance in Resident Evil Village too. Getting your hands on this heavy weapon can help you deal significant damage to larger enemies and bosses, or help you out in a pinch when you’re surrounded by a horde. We’ll take you step-by-step through what you need to get your hands on this beauty of a weapon.


Obtain the Four-Winged Unborn Key

You obtain the parts needed to upgrade the key to the Four-Winged Unborn Key by beating Donna in House Beneviento. With it, you should then return to the Altar where Duke is stationed near the Village. You can then use your new key on the currently locked southern door, which will unlock access to an area of the village you first encountered near the beginning of the game.

Kill the Large Werewolf

As you descend down the path towards the village the first thing you’ll notice is there’s a lot more green goop around the place. The source of this will become clearer later. However, your bigger concern is what is now lurking around this area of the village – a new enemy for you to deal with. It immediately jumps out and attacks you, and once you’ve wriggled free, you make a dash for the nearest house. Whilst this monster is fast, strong, and takes a few hits to take down, he can actually overcome very easily with a bit of patience. The monster’s size means he can’t enter houses, and so will stay at the doorway threshold swiping at you. Use this opportunity to keep just out of range and deal damage with close-range shotgun fire.

After a few moments in the doorway, he will slink off to roam the village. All you need to do is get his attention again by either going into his line of sight or shooting him with a weapon (Handgun is best to avoid wasting more valuable ammo). Then simply run back to a doorway and take the opportunity to pump more lead into it. Repeat this until he falls and make sure to pick up the Crystal Beast treasure it drops.

The Iron Insignia Locked House

Now that the surrounding village area is clear, you are free to look around, and more importantly, get your hands on the Grenade Launcher. From where you entered the Village, go down the slope, and then take a left. You should see a white house with a water wheel turning next to it. Approach the front door and you will see that it is locked. Use theĀ Iron Insignia Key to unlock it and enter. On the table directly in front of you, you will see theĀ GM 79 Grenade Launcher which you can now pick up and add to your arsenal.

And that’s how to find the Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil Village.