Resident Evil Village | Where to find Quality Meat

by on May 7, 2021

Cooking is introduced in Resident Evil Village which gives you permanent upgrades that will help on your journey, and one such meal requires the rare Quality Meat ingredient. It can be quite tricky to find if you don’t know where to look because, unlike other meat sources, these special ingredients are not added to your map when found. So if you’re struggling to find the Quality Meat ingredient, then look no further thanks to our handy guide.


What do I need Quality Meat for?

All cooking recipes are concocted via Duke, and these are unlocked after finishing the House Beneviento section of the game. The Quality Meat ingredient is needed for the Ciorba De Porc Recipe. Cooking this with Duke will greatly reduce the damage you take when guarding. This is really useful when guarding against grunt enemies, as it means you’ll lose less health when you do meaning you’ll need fewer healing items to stay alive.

Finding Quality Meat

Return to the Village

After finishing Castle Dimitrescu you will find yourself back in the village. You will notice not only a few enemies dotted around the place that weren’t there before but also animals roaming around that can be killed for meat. This is the earliest point you can obtain the Quality Meat item, but you won’t be able to hand it into Duke until you’ve beaten House Beneviento. So it might be worth waiting until then, so it doesn’t clog up your inventory.

Head to the North East of the village

To find the Quality Meat, you’ll need to head in the rough direction of Luiza’s House. So you’ll need to go past the Church and through the field with crops in. Beware of new enemies here which will now spawn. Before you get to Luiza’s house, enter the small house on the right where you found the father and daughter near the beginning of the game. Exit out of the house via the back window.

A tasty surprise

You’ll come face to face with a large pig that wasn’t there before, wandering around the Well. This is the animal you need to kill for Quality Meat. Kill it with a weapon (use the Knife to conserve ammo if you can). Your reward will be the Quality Meat, one of the rare ingredients in Resident Evil Village. You can now return it to Duke and use it as part of the Ciorba De Porc Recipe.



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