Valorant gets a new mode: Replication

by on May 11, 2021

Riot Games has introduced a new mode for Valorant called Replication.  This new mode is available for two weeks from May 11 until May 25, 2021.  Replication enables all players on the same team to play as the same agent (for example, 5 Sages against 5 Jetts).  Agent selection is decided in pre-match voting. In addition, abilities and minus ultimates are refreshed each round.

Kyle Powell, Game Designer on VALORANT had this to say:

“With Replication, we are looking to create exciting and novel moments by widening the player theorycrafting space while highlighting Agent abilities. Quintupling down on Agents that were balanced around normal Agent restrictions, we’ve created lots of hilarious near game-breaking plays for players to discover.”


Detailed rules:

  • BO9 Unrated Rules with time adjustments
    • 80 second round length
    • 45 second pistol round w/ 30 second subsequent rounds
  • All players on the same team are the same Agent
    • Players vote on which agent to be during a modified version of the selection screen, and then everyone plays the winner.
  • Abilities (except Ultimate) are refreshed every round
    • Players gain +1 Ult points per round at the start of the round (except Overtime)
  • Players have a set amount of Creds each round regardless of win/loss
    • Round Cred Amounts:
      • 900
      • 2400
      • 3900
      • 6000
    • Gun/Shield are reset each round
  • Being flashed twice within a 4 second window grants FLASHGUARD to the player
    • FLASHGUARD: Cannot be blinded.  Duration: 5 seconds.

Valorant Replication mode is available with patch 2.09.  Valorant is available to play now on PC.

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