Become a Knight of legend in the epic multiplayer warfare of Chivalry 2

by on June 8, 2021

Tripwire Presents and Deep Silver have announced the launch of Chivalry 2, the highly anticipated sequel to first-person slasher Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.  Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era.  Expect clashing swords and storms of flaming arrows to sprawling castle sieges, and more. Dominate massive battlefields while catapults tear the earth apart.  Players can lay siege to castles, set fire to villages, and slaughter filthy peasants in the return of Team Objective maps.

You can see the Chivalry 2 launch trailer here:

Master the blade with an all-new and improved combat system that combines real-time strikes and a free-flowing combo system.  This speeds up the action and let players become a whirlwind of steel on the battlefield. Created with the ability to fight multiple foes in mind, Chivalry 2’s combat mixes the best of both FPS and fighting game genres for an unmatched melee experience.

Players who participated in the Chivalry 2 Alpha and Closed and Open Beta programs can look forward to even more features and maps to discover and explore with the game’s full release.  These include the all-new Team Objective map Escape from Falmire and Team Deathmatch/Free-for-All map The Fighting Pit.

Chivalry 2

Escape from Falmire (New Team Objective Map)

Agatha launches a surprise assault on a Mason prison in an attempt to rescue a war hero. Breach the city gates and release the prisoners before a final castle siege and daring rescue mission to free the Agathian Champion.

The Fighting Pit (New Team Deathmatch/Free-for-All Map)

Unproven warriors from both factions fight to the death in this trap-filled local arena made to entertain the local drunks.

Cross-Play Across All Platforms

Cross-Play smashes the boundaries between PC and console, allowing players to face-off on the battlefield together, regardless of platform.

Epic Medieval Environments and massive scale

Sprawling medieval environments ranging from tournament grounds to epic full-scale castle sieges.  Experience the chaos of epic medieval battlefields as 64 players clash with an intensity meant to capture the large-scale scope of “The Battle of the Bastards” from Game of Thrones.

Choose your Fighting Style

Four base classes expand to various subclasses, an arsenal of unique weapons each with multiple visual variants, and new support items ranging from oil pots to barricades, supply crates and archer’s stakes.

Chivalry 2 Cross-Play Beta

Build your Hero

Become a hero and look the part. A detailed customization system adds huge variety: head type, skin tone, head & facial hair + colors, facial imperfections, face paint, nicknames, heraldry, helmets, armor, weapons, and more for millions of possible combinations.

Hilarious Roleplay

Expanded Voice Overs and Emotes enable enhanced roleplaying abilities with many new voice characters as well as the return of the original cast and new animated emotes per character to taunt your opponent a second time!

Refuse to Die

Keep fighting after losing a limb, being knocked down, disarmed, set on fire, filled with arrows, your shield broken, smothered in blood and still throwing punches from your knees. Bandages, revives and the new downed state allow you to support teammates and stay in the action until you’ve bled your last drop.

Kitchen Sink

Battlefields are littered with dozens of items to interact with. Grab a chicken, set it on fire and throw it; kill a man with his friend’s head; improvise a new fighting style with pitchforks – or tomatoes.

Chivalry 2 is out now.  Available with Cross-Play support for PC (via Epic Games Store).  Also available on PS4, PS5, the Xbox One family of devices, and Xbox Series X|S.

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