Battlefield 2042 blog post answer plenty of community questions

by on July 14, 2021

EA has released a Battlefield 2042 blog post that features plenty of answers to questions many of the community have asked since last month’s reveal. In the extensive Q&A, Senior Design Director Daniel Berlin offers a detailed response to a lot of the feedback they’ve received. It includes a closer look at Specialists, Maps, Vehicles, and AI Soldiers; why the Technical Playtest was moved to the summer; and how EA and DICE are building cross-play and cross-functionality. Some of the questions answered are as follows:

  • How do Specialties and Traits work?
  • Can Squads use any combination of Specialists?
  • How does increased map size impact limits such as going out of bounds?
  • Do the Factions have their own vehicles?
  • So how will AI Soldiers actually play on the Battlefield?

There is also information in the Battlefield 2042 blog post on the Technical Playtest coming in the summer, details on Loadouts, how the vehicle call-in feature works, and more. Berlin also drops some information about the Penguins, which have been a huge surprise hit of the Breakaway map reveal. While I’ve added Easter Eggs to games before which received attention through reddit etc,  nothing blew up like the penguins,” he said. “That was a total surprise to me! So I feel a bit overwhelmed I  guess? I love it. I love all of the tweets, and all of the fan art that I’m even getting, that’s just  crazy. I love it all. It’s really fun to interact with the community.”