Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How to get Bottle Caps

by on July 9, 2021

Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are a unique currency that can be used to purchase a range of practical and cosmetic upgrades within the game. Unlike other items that can be found by foraging out in the wild or by killing Monsters, Bottle Caps are much rarer to come across. You need to often go out of your way to find them, but it’s well worth your time, given what they can be used to purchase.

What are Bottle Caps used for?

Bottle Caps are a specific currency that you use at Melnyx Inc. – a shop found in each village of the game. The store is run by a cat, and will exchange Bottle Caps for a wide variety of goods. Note, that this shop only accepts Bottle Caps to trade, you cannot spend zenny here on items. And most of these items are unique to Melnyx Inc. and cannot be acquired in any other way. As such it’s important to stock up on Bottle Caps as you go throughout your adventure to unlock everything it has to offer. As you progress through the story Melnyx Inc. will add to its stock so keep popping by to see what new stuff has been added.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Everdens and Bottle Caps

The main source of your Bottle Caps will come from Everdens. These are special types of monster dens that appear on the map (regular monster dens do not). They also look slightly different from Monster Dens, as they have a flat roof entrance. They will also be specifically titled depending on their location. The inside of these Everdens is normally larger than your standard Monster Den and here you’ll be on the lookout for treasure chests.

These treasure chests will pop up on the map like normal so keep an eye out for them. The ones that contain Bottle Caps will be red in colour so look for those as you wander through. You may find that you need to either swim or climb vines, or even jump to find these chests. So make sure you are able to if you’re on the hunt for Bottle Caps.

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You will always find a red chest containing Bottle Caps at the end of the den where the nest is. It will always be guarded by a Monster who will be prowling around so be on your guard. It is possible to sneak through and grab the chest and run. However, then you will miss out on the egg from the nest, so consider taking on the Monster anyway.

Other ways to find Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The other main source of Bottle Caps is through quests. Whilst rare to begin with, you will find some NPCs in the villages that will offer you quests in exchange forĀ  Bottle Caps. These won’t generally be quests from the Quest Board, but will be from NPCs directly. Look out for the Blue Exclamation Mark icon on your map which indicates additional quests you can activate. As you progress through the game these get far more frequent, so don’t worry about missing out early on.

With the above help, you should have no problem finding Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

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