Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How to get Rare Eggs

by on July 9, 2021

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is all about finding and hatching eggs, but to really find the best Monsties, you’ll want to be finding Rare Eggs to add to your collection. There are few things you can look out for when you’re on an egg hunt to make this more likely. We’ll share all the tips and advice you need to be hatching Rare Eggs in no time in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

What are Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Rare Egg

The rarity of an egg in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is divided into two measurements, the smell of the egg and its weight. The heavier an egg is not only linked to the size of the monster it’ll grow into, but also the amount of gene slots available. How smelly an egg determines the quality of the genes you’ll get (but still limited to the gene types that particular monster can be born with).

Egg Weights: Light, Normal, Heavy

Egg Smells: Normal, Good, Amazing

Your egg rarity is then determined by how far along each of these scales your egg is. So a Light weight, Normal smelling egg is common. However a Heavy weight, Amazing smelling one is very rare.

How can I tell the rarity of my egg?

When you pick up each egg, Navirou will give you the lowdown on each egg in text format. What you’re looking for is him to be commenting that the eggs are heavy and really smelly. If you get this, you know you’re onto a winner.

A visual cue of egg rarity is the aura colour around it as you rummage in the nest. If you see a light golden hue as you investigate, the egg is above average. However, if you get a bigger, almost rainbow-hued light around your searching, you know you’ve uncovered a Rare Egg.

It is always advisable to keep rummaging until you find a golden or rainbow hue, otherwise, the egg will be of regular rarity.

Hatching Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

All eggs in your Hatchery will have their Weight and Smell listed underneath them before you hatch them. Once you hatch them, you’ll see the same hue behind them as you found when rummaging in the nest. So gold-background Monsties are quite rare, whereas a rainbow-background Monstie is rarer, likely due to the Amazing Smell it had.

Different Rarities also get different additional stat bonuses when they are hatched:

Regular (Silver background): 1 bonus stat

Rare (Gold background): 2 bonus stats

Very Rare (Rainbow background): 3 bonus stats

So Rare Eggs not only have been genes (and therefore better abilities) but also better general stats than their more common counterparts.

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