Tales of Arise | How to get Cure Points (CP)

by on September 8, 2021

In Tales of Arise, healing Artes are slightly different in that they require Cure Points (CP) to perform. Your CP total is finite, and can only be restored in a few different ways. If you don’t keep it topped up, then you’ll be struggling to heal or having to rely on Gels to get you through. It’s always advisable to keep an eye on your CP total, and make sure you don’t go into too many battles before earning more CP. Here at God is a Geek, we’ll show you the best ways to get CP in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise | How can I see my CP?

Your CP is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen during battle as a green circle. As CP is used it depletes, and will flash red when it is low and needs refilling. At that point, you are at risk of not being able to use healing Artes and having instead to rely on items to fix you up.

Rest at Inns / Campsites

One of the fundamental ways to recover your CP completely in Tales of Arise is to rest. Resting at an Inn (for free!) or at a campfire out in the wild will automatically restore both your CP and your party’s HP too. It’s always advisable to Rest whenever you can just to keep your CP topped up for the battles ahead.

Use Gels

Tales of Arise CP

There are also items that restore a portion of your CP that you can find throughout your adventure. After a while, you’ll start to pick up Orange Gels. These handy items can restore 30% of your total CP instantly, making them great when a battle has whittled down your CP to a dangerously low level. The even rarer Pineapple Gel can restore 60% of CP should you have one to hand and what to give your CP a real boost. Gels can also be bought from merchants, but can be expensive, so that’s why it’s better to use other means to top up your CP.

Cook for CP

Whilst resting you’ll get the option to cook a recipe to give your team a boost for a certain period. Cooking the early recipe of Grilled Fish will give you a buff that heals CP after battles for 5 minutes. This is great if you’re about to face a few grunt battles in a row as you can keep your CP topped up. If Kisara is in your party, then definitely use her to cook to get an extra 20% to the duration effect.

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Astral Flowers

Whilst not strictly used to recover CP, Astral Flowers are still a useful, if rare item to help with your CP Management. Astral Flowers are rewarded when you successfully defeat Giant Zeugles that sometimes frequent the landscape. The mini-bosses can be tough to take down, and you should make sure you match them in level to have the best chance. Using an Astral Flower permanently raises your CP for the rest of the game, so means you can cast more healing Artes before your CP runs out and you have to resort to the curative measures above.


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