Tales of Arise | Where to find the elevator key in Glanymede Castle

by on September 8, 2021

Another tricky puzzle in Tales of Arise is how to locate the elevator key in Glanymede Castle. You’ll want to get it operational to take the fight to Balseph. With this handy guide, we’ll show you the steps you need to take to locate that precious key in Tales of Arise.

Starting off in Glanymede Castle

This particular area has a few nice items to get so it’s worth following this route as you are going forward to find the key. Firstly, I would recommend heading to the right and taking on the two Wolf enemies. After defeating them, It is absolutely worth spending the CP to clear the barrier of flames. Go on inside and open the chest to receive a new item. Now, head back in the other direction to now fight two Armadilos, a Swordsman and Wolf. Following the same steps as before, clear the flames, open the chest, receive a good item.

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Locate the Savage Key

You can now head on up to the next floor, there will be three Bees to take on just before you head up. You can try to run around them if you like but if I am honest, I would not skip a single fight in the game. Once you get up to the next area you will see a kid who is in need of your help from a Swordsman. Defeat the enemy and the kid will reward you with the Savage Key. However, it is still not the key you are looking for.

Tales of Arise elevator key Glanymede Castle

Tales of Arise | But where is the Glanymede Castle elevator key?

From here, make your way around this entire floor and it is worth definitely taking on every enemy. Once you reach the last room, this is where you will find the Castle Elevator Key. You can see the area marked on the map below as well as where to find it in the room:

Tales of Arise elevator key Glanymede Castle

Tales of Arise elevator key Glanymede Castle

You can now access the elevator from any floor and ride it all the way to the top to face Balseph.

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