Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One chemical analysis guide

by on November 15, 2021

There were a few elements of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One that confused me early on, but none more so than the first time I was expected to do chemical analysis on my first piece of evidence. In order to determine what various liquids and substances are, Sherry will whip out his chemistry set in the pursuit of the truth and expect you to understand the rest.

When you know what you’re doing, these maths puzzles are pretty easy (and even rather fun) but when you’re first presented with a load of different valued tiles on a blank board it’s pretty confusing.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One chemical analysis

On the right is the chemical value you are aiming to create out of the reagents and functions you have. In this very early example you can see that 3 red and 2 green is needed, so combining the 3 red reagent and 2 green reagent would give us the result.

By using the combine function and linking these two reagents to it, you’ll be able to get the result you’re looking for. Finally linking the combination to the goal on the right will complete the chemical analysis.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One chemical analysis

Later on, these puzzles become a little more complex, with a whole host of different functions rearing their ugly heads. This help screen identifies what they all do, and should be all you need to become a chemistry whizz kid. If changing positive values into negatives, multiplication, and division with these extra functions is too much, don’t sweat it. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One also includes the option to skip any and all chemical analysis with a simple hold of the L3 with no punishment.

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