Sherlock Holmes The Awakened | All Mind Palace solutions

by on April 11, 2023

The Mind Palace in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is supposed to replicate when Sherlock loses himself in thought internally to try and solve puzzles. He does so by amalgamating various clues to try and solve problems and puzzles other sleuths may miss.

In Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, the Mind Palace is found in the menu and is critical to progressing through the story, as it provides key solutions and evidence to overcome the biggest puzzles of the game.

How does the Mind Palace work?

The Mind Palace is where the key puzzles of each chapter are solved. To begin with, they serve as blank, black synapses, but as big questions that need answering present themselves in each Chapter, these black synapses will become puzzles for you to solve.

Clicking on each question actually provides you with an instant hint to the solution in the form of coloured orbs that form in the centre of the black synapse. These orbs will either be yellow, green, or blue. These correspond to the following types of evidence:

  • Yellow – Observations
  • Blue – Items
  • Green – Documents and Testimonies

The number of each orb tells you how many of each type you need to select to suggest the correct solution. The answer you’re looking for should always be relevant to everything you submit.

If you get one or more of the pieces of evidence right, then that orb will glow green. Any incorrect pieces of evidence submitted get removed from the pool, removing them from contention. Get all the orbs to turn green and you will have solved the Mind Palace puzzle, and revealed a new piece of information to progress the story.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened | All Mind Palace solutions

It can be quite tricky solving each Mind Palace puzzle, so we’ve pulled together the solution for every Mind Palace question in the game for you.


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Chapter 1

Question: Who ruined ‘The Strand’?

Evidence Required:

  • Newsboy’s Testimony
  • Book from Barnes

Revelation: Barnes, the local bookseller, ruined the newspaper.


Question: Why is Barnes acting so strangely?

Evidence Required:

  • Dead Flowers on display
  • Cactus in a cracked pot
  • Mrs Flemming on Barnes

Revelation: Mr Barnes is in love with Mrs Flemming.


Question: What are the notable features of the abductor?

Evidence Required:

  • Footprints in Captain Stenwick’s garden
  • Spyglass
  • Sailor’s Knot

Revelation: Kimihia was kidnapped by a sailor.


Question: Where does Kimihia’s trail lead?

Evidence Required:

  • The Strand – September 28, 1882
  • Wallet with saltpetre
  • Abductor is a Sailor

Revelation: All evidence points to the Port of London

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Chapter 2

Question: Who abducted Kimihia?

Evidence Required:

  • Character Portrait: Roy Solsby
  • Nepali Boy’s Testimony
  • Roy Solsby’s Testimony
  • Barmaid’s Testimony

Revelation: ‘Dirty’ Sommers is the abductor.


Question: Where is Kimihia?

Evidence Required:

  • Roy Solsby’s Testimony
  • Hiring Notice
  • Invoice for Sailcloth evidence

Revelation: In a warehouse holding sails and marked with red paint.


Question: Who is the dead man on the altar?

Evidence Required:

  • Unknown Man on the Altar
  • Passport
  • Advertisement Flyer

Revelation: Amos Colby from the Northwood Agency in Boston, USA.


Question: Where have the abducted been sent to?

Evidence Required:

  • Tin Box with Edelweiss
  • Warehouse 12 Happenings
  • Cross Inside Rectangle

Revelation: Black Edelweiss Institute, Switzerland.

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Chapter 3

Question: How to safely remove the Block B guard?

Evidence Required:

  • Syringes
  • Metal Tubes
  • A Bottle of Sedative

Revelation: Use a handmade blowpipe with a sedative.


Question: How to get the key to Hell’s Door?

Evidence Required:

  • Watson’s Successful Infiltration
  • A Working Dumbwaiter
  • Heidi’s Testimony about Hell’s Door

Revelation: Watson could find it and send it downstairs.


Question: How to get to Watson for help?

Evidence Required:

  • Blocked Path Upstairs
  • Patient Hates the Guards

Revelation: Use a patient to create a diversion.


Question: Why does Gygax care about Wolff?

Evidence Required:

  • A Note from Professor Becker
  • Gygax’s Patient Reports
  • Character Portrait: Patient Wolff

Revelation: Wolff is the former director of the Black Edelweiss, Professor Becker.


Question: How to lure Gygax out of her office?

Evidence Required:

  • Gygax’s Patient Reports
  • Professor Gygax’s Testimony
  • Very Important Patient

Revelation: Use Becker to distract Gygax.


Question: Where does the evidence lead next?

Evidence Required:

  • A Hand-Written Letter
  • A Telegram from New Orleans
  • Letter from New Orleans Bank

Revelation: New Orleans, in the USA.

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Chapter 4

Question: Who is the jewel seller ‘A’?

Evidence Required:

  • Plaque with Philanthropists
  • Banking House of E.W. Gray
  • Opal Trader

Revelation: He’s most likely Mr E. Arneson, who lives in the French Quarter.

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Chapter 5

Question: What happened to Davy?

Evidence Required:

  • Door with a Horse Symbol
  • Mansion Crime Scene
  • The Horrors of the Arneson Mansion

Revelation: Davy retreated and barricaded himself in.


Question: How can the painting lock be opened?

Evidence Required:

  • Secret Lock
  • Letter From Locksmith
  • Portrait of Mr Arneson

Revelation: By using Arneson’s signet ring.


Question: Where is the ring?

Evidence Required:

  • Backyard
  • Chapter 13: Raccoons

Revelation: A raccoon took it.


Question: How to learn the contents of the burnt message?

Evidence Required:

  • Photo of Arneson with a Boy
  • Letter from Lakofka
  • Arneson’s Note on Bank and Ashmat

Revelation: Davy might hold the information.


Question: Where is Arneson currently?

Evidence Required:

  • Love Letter from Arneson
  • Letter from Northwood Agency

Revelation: Arneson was taken to a ‘location’ in the swamp.

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Chapter 6

Question: How can Arneson be sedated?

Evidence Required:

  • Dwale
  • Snake Venom

Revelation: By combining ingredients at hand to make a sedative.

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Chapter 7

Question: What is the cryptic message for Ashmat about?

Evidence Required:

  • Killing Tempest Article
  • Barnes’s first look at the Book
  • Stevenson Family

Revelation: A gathering at a Stevenson-built lighthouse west of Lochaber.


Question: Who is the cult leader, and what is their goal?

Evidence Required:

  • Ardnamurchan Lighthouse
  • Ritual of Awakening
  • Profile of A Rochester (presumed dead)

Revelation: Archibald Rochester – he plans a rite at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse.

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Chapter 8

Question: How to interrupt the hypnosis from the lens?

Evidence Required:

  • Obsidian Dagger
  • Warning from Ashmat from R.
  • Strange Device with Beams
  • Entranced People

Revelation: Energise the lens, then strike it with the obsidian dagger.


Question: How to stop the ritual?

Evidence Required:

  • Obsidian Dagger
  • Khaelid Lenses’ Weakness
  • Modified Lighthouse Lantern Blueprint

Revelation: Follow the sabotage plan.

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