Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 2

by on April 11, 2023

Chapter 2 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, The Blood-Red Night, is set in the Port of London, and it may be a chapter you need a walkthrough for. In this chapter, we will traipse around a dark and dreary corner of London looking for clues about Kimihia’s disappearance, and try to locate the mysterious Roy Solsby. As with any chapter in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Chapter 2 can be difficult to figure out, but here at God is a Geek, we’ve got an entire walkthrough for the game to help you through all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 2

Beginning your investigation

After a cutscene where Sherlock and Watson discuss superstition, you begin the chapter proper. Here the game reminds you about pinning evidence. What this allows you to do is discuss evidence not only with named NPCs but also the random locals wandering about.

Do as the game says, and go into your Evidence and pin the Solsby’s Calling Card you found in Chapter 1. You can now go and speak to any wandering local nearby (it never matters which one). Talking to them will reveal that Solsby usually wanders close to the dockyard.

However, before heading straight there, we are going to explore some other areas to gather more information. Head straight ahead, and then once you reach the river, turn right to follow it. As you do so, you’ll see a light, with a poster attached to a shed. Read the poster for the Missing Person Poster evidence. Now follow the path, with the river on your left. When you reach the lampost ahead of you, you’ll see a small wooden walkway. Follow it to see the red rag over the house entrance described on the poster, and turn right to see the door to the home.

Inside the home, you’ll find a young boy. Speak with him and exhaust all dialogue options. Once you’ve finished you will have received the Nepali Boy’s Testimony which contains lots of information regarding Solsby.

Now turn to investigate the shrine. The key thing you’ll be looking for here is the Ammonite Pendant.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 2 – Find Roy Solsby

Head back down the walkway, and turn right, onto another walkway, that leads up some stairs, and through a crude metal doorway. Keep heading straight, ignoring the buildings. You should see two women talking on your right, near a horse and carriage. Speak to them with Solsby’s Calling Card pinned and they will reveal that:

People say that Mr Solsby may have gone to watch the ship that exploded yesterday near the third pier.

From the two women, look left, and you’ll see a large ship. Head down the walkway to the right of it to find the Pier Three fast-travel location. Now move slightly to the right of the stairs leading downward, and head straight down the pier.

You’ll see a man next to a barrel with a light on it. Go and speak to him. The dialogue will reveal this is Roy Solsby. Exhaust all the dialogue options with him. Then you will be given the option to Provide Evidence. Ask him about Solsby’s Calling Card and the Nepali Boy’s Testimony. This will give you the Foreign Woman evidence.

You can now Observe Solsby, and doing so will give your Character Portrait options of Thief or Corrupt Officer. A Corrupt Officer is the more likely. Naturally, this nets you the Character Portrait: Roy Solsby evidence, and Roy Solsby’s Testimony.

Head to the pub

It’s now time to retrace your steps and head to the Cursed Mermaid pub. It is right next to where you began the Chapter. Enter and go and speak to the barmaid. Exhaust all dialogue options first. The most notable piece of information will be when enquiring about the man with the metallic eye. Strangely she says this isn’t Solsby, but a man named ‘Dirty’ Sommers. You will acquire the Barmaid’s Testimony.

Now you can provide evidence to the Barmaid. Present Solsby’s Calling Card and Missing Person Poster. You will now be able to Observe the Barmaid. You will deduce she is pregnant. In terms of Character Portrait, you can choose between Tries to hide her pregnancy and Unaware of her pregnancy. The correct assumption is Tries to hide her pregnancy. You’ll now also get Character Portrait: Barmaid.

We can now head to the Mind Palace to answer Who abducted Kimihia? Select Character Portrait: Roy Solsby, Nepali Boy’s Testimony, Roy Solsby’s Testimony and Barmaid’s Testimony. This will reveal:

‘Dirty’ Sommers is the abductor.

This will give you the Kimihia’s Abductor evidence.

Confront Roy Solsby

Now we know ‘Dirty’ Sommers is the abductor, it is time to pay Roy Solsby another visit and confront him with the evidence. For speed, use the Pier 3 fast-travel, and head to the same place on the pier where we found Roy before. This time we will get the option to Confront him.

To begin with use the Kimihia’s Abductor evidence, to begin the confrontation. When asked to select the next piece of evidence, choose Solsby’s Calling Card. Now for the final piece of evidence choose Character Portrait: Roy SolsbySometimes the evidence you can choose from may mean you have to choose these pieces of evidence in a different order, but these are the correct ones to select when you can.

By confronting Roy Solsby, you gain valuable information. You learn that he did know Sommers, and his dodgy dealings in the warehouse area. You learn that empty warehouses – one of which he was using – is marked with red paint – and that he spends a ridiculously large amount of time at the Cursed Mermaid pub.

Confront the Barmaid

With that new information from Roy Solsby, it seems the Barmaid wasn’t being entirely truthful with us earlier. Let’s head back to the Cursed Mermaid – fast-travel is the quickest way – to find out more.

Use the Confront option and choose the Kimihia’s Abductor evidence, to begin the confrontation. Then choose Roy Solsby’s Testimony and finally Character Portrait: Barmaid to solve the Confrontation. She will reveal that Sommer’s used a private room at the pub quite frequently. She hands you the Rusty Key to gain access.

Inside, Roy Solsby’s Testimony will update and in the main room, you will find a table to investigate. On it of note for the investigation are the Hiring Notice and Invoice for Sailcloth evidence.

Now we can enter the Mind Palace and solve the Where is Kimihia? puzzle. Select Roy Solsby’s Testimony, the Hiring Notice, and the Invoice for Sailcloth evidence. This will reveal:

In a warehouse holding sails and marked with red paint.

This will give you Kimihia’s Whereabouts evidence.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 2 – Enter the Warehouse

One of the trickiest next steps is actually finding the right warehouse and where it is tucked away. You’ll need to explore the Warehouses area which can be reached by returning to where you spoke to the two women to learn the location of Roy Solsby. From here, head up the steps and turn right. Ahead of you, you will see a small brick doorway, so head through it.

Once through the doorway, turn left, and you should see Warehouse 3 on your left. Head past Warehouse 4 on your right and through another brick doorway. Now head immediately right, and you should come across Warehouse 12, which has red paint on the outside. This is the Warehouse you want.

As you try and open it, you’ll open up the lockpicking mechanic for the first time. You’ll immediately examine the inside of the lock. The idea is you need to amend your lockpick to raise the golden weights enough to all be in line with the metal line. Looking at the weights we can see the one on the right needs to be raised a bit, the left one a bit more, and the central one even more. So move to the Outside Lock to begin.

Raise the Outside Lock sections as follows:

  1. Left: Up 3
  2. Centre: Up 4
  3. Right: Up 2

This will pick the lock, and now you can enter the Warehouse.

Investigate the Warehouse

You’ll want to explore the whole of the Warehouse for various bits of information. The critical information to move the story forward though is upstairs.

So head upstairs, and you will see two machines. Investigate the left one, to discover it is in working order and needs a crank to operate. Thie gives you the Lifting Mechanism evidence.

Head back downstairs, and investigate the boxes and you will now be able to pick up the crank. Even if you had looked at it earlier, you wouldn’t have picked it up. You now have the Crank

Head back upstairs and use the Crank on the machine. Now turn the Crank and the crates on the winch will rise, causing Watson below to call out. Head back downstairs to investigate the area, and find a secret passage down some steps.



After this point, you will not be able to return to the Port of London area and complete any additional cases or explore any further. Head back if you wish to do anything else. Otherwise, proceed through the door.


Head down the stairs and through the corridor, there isn’t anything to look out for in the nooks and crannies so just keep on heading forward, until something rather strange happens

Escape – the first area

You find yourself in a strange location, and you must escape. Head forward, and you will see a strange obelisk. Investigating it reveals it is missing something. Head beyond it and you will see a closed door. Head to the door, and then written on the floor at your feet it reads:

The only way forward is the abyss.

It seems counter-intuitive but what this means is you actually need to drop off the edge of the platform here – into the abyss. Doing so will actually cause you to land in a different place. Walk in front of you and investigate the rock. Rotate the object to pick it up. There’s nowhere else to go here but down again, so drop off the edge.

You’ll find yourself back where you began, except this time with the rock in hand. So approach the obelisk and place the rock in the socket. You’ll see the door ahead of you open.

As you run towards it, the door will shut, frustratingly. However, you will also notice a Concentration marker on the floor. Looking at it, it mentions “short stride”. This means you cannot run at the door, and must take short strides – i.e. walk slowly towards it.

Head back to the obelisk and interact with it, and this time walk slowly to the door. It will remain open and you can pass through.

The second area

You’re now in another area. Head forward, and before you pass through the small cave doorway, look to your right. You should see a weird clawed creature below you. Yep, drop off into the creature’s maw. You’ll end up below it, the ground at your feet covered in blood and other fluid. Head forward and follow the path as it swerves. You’ll begin to hear a sound, and that sound is linked to the floating rocks you can see to your right. You need to find a panel to secure the rocks, and the closer you are to the panel, the louder the sound becomes.

Keep following the path as it bends round to the right and downwards. Then keep your eye out for a new path to the left which goes upward. Follow that path, and at the top you should see a white symbol on the floor. Step on it to stop the sound and lock the rocks in place.

Head to the newly formed rocks, and you will notice a large white eye in the rock. Use your Concentration on it to shut the eye, and the door will open. However, as you turn to go towards the door, it will shut. The key is to keep looking at the eye and back your way through the door.

The final area

Approach the obelisk in the middle of the room and you will see it requires two rocks this time to open the door ahead of you. There are five doors to choose from, but only two of these will be helpful. The other three will simply lead to a corridor, with a door at the end which will bring you back to the main room.

Facing the exit door, firstly take the second door on your left. You’ll get the familiar corridor, but part of the way down, there will be a Concentration marker to investigate. They reveal size nine boot prints – Sherlock’s size – but most importantly, they area facing back the way we came.

Turn around and you will see another of those white eyes we saw earlier. Enter into Concentration mode to make it shut, and again back into the doorway at the end of the corridor. Sherlock will mention the stench, and you can exit Concentration mode, and pick up the stone from within the pile of “stuff”. Exit by running back through both doors to return to the central room.

This time, from the exit door, head to the second door to the right. Upon entering the corridor you will see another Concentration point of Sherlock’s footprints, but they point straight ahead this time. The key again though is not to run. If the door slams, you know you’ve run and you’ll need to continue ahead to reset the corridor. Head into the corridor, walk slowly through it, and the door will open to reveal another gruesome room with the second stone in it. Pick it up and return to the central room. Place both stones to open the final door. However, as you do so, the door moves back, and as you head towards it, you’ll hear the familiar sound from earlier. Approach the gap, and then look to your left to see another white panel to step on. With the floor reformed, head over to the open door and exit.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 2 – Investigate the area

After a brief cutscene, you take control of Watson, looking for Holmes in the secret passage. Head down the stairs and interact with the door, to find yourself in a large room. You can illuminate the area by using the on-screen prompt. Walk ahead and to your right to find Sherlock on the steps looking a little worse for wear.

Once back control of Sherlock, you’ll need to investigate. Head to the left corner past the Cthulu-looking statue, and find the Passport, Advertisement Flyer, and Tin Box with Edelweiss.

Now investigate the other corner, on the same wall as the Cthulu statue for the Cross Inside Rectangle. This will also kick off the Imagination section for this room, which we will deduce later.

Next, make sure to examine the body on the altar. After examining everything you can you will uncover the Unknown Man on the Altar evidence. You will also unlock Scene Two and have all Scenarios available, we will come back to this.

Head to your left, and down the steps, and into the far corner. Investigate to find all you need for Scene 3. Now head to the other corner of the room not yet explored. There’s nothing critical here but head right along the wall, until you see some crates. Investigate these fully to unlock Scene 4.

Now head to the area below the altar in the middle of the room. Examine the walls to open up Scene 5.

Solve the Imagination Scene

Now we have all five scenes from the Imagination Scene available to us, we need to piece it together. You can have a go yourself, but if you are struggling, then the solution is below:

  1. Scene 1: Scenario 3
  2. Scene 2: Scenario 1
  3. Scene 3: Scenario 2
  4. Scene 4: Scenario 2
  5. Scene 5: Scenario 2

Now select Validate and Sherlock will walk you through what happened. It leaves Sherlock and Holmes next to the altar observing a gruesome event, before fleeing back to Baker Street. You will bag the Warehouse 12 Happenings evidence.

Now we need to enter the Mind Palace to solve our last remaining questions. To solve Who is the dead man on the altar? we need to select Unknown Man on the Altar, Passport, and Advertisement Flyer. This will reveal:

Amos Colby from the Northwood Agency in Boston, USA.

This gives you The Dead Man is Amos Colby evidence.

Now for the Where have the abducted been sent to? For this, we need to select Tin Box with Edelweiss, Warehouse 12 Happenings, and Cross Inside Rectangle.

This will reveal:

Black Edelweiss Institute, Switzerland.

This gives you Abductor’s Route evidence.

Now with the Abductor’s Route evidence, we are given our first opportunity to search this Evidence in the Archives – as denoted by the book icon on the Evidence. So highlight this Evidence and then follow the prompt for the Archives.

Here we need to state three facts that we know about this piece of evidence to narrow it down. We know the Location is Europe, the Date of Establishment is 1700s and the Field of Activity is Medicine. Search for this, and your Next Destination will be revealed.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 2 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.