Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 3

by on April 11, 2023

Chapter 3 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, The Mountains of Madness, is set in the Edelweiss Institute, Switzerland, and it may be a chapter you need a walkthrough for. In this chapter, we will explore the mysterious Edelweiss Institute looking for more clues about where the adbuctees are sent and why, and how it relates to Dirty Sommers. As with any chapter in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Chapter 3 can be difficult to figure out, but here at God is a Geek, we’ve got an entire walkthrough for the game to help you through all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 3

Speak to Reception

You begin this chapter in control of Doctor Watson at the main Reception area of the Edelweiss Institute. There are a few things to investigate here, but nothing yields critical information at this point in the Chapter. To progress the story, head on over to the front desk and speak to the Receptionist. Answer any way you like, it will prompt the Receptionist to fetch Dr. Gygax.

You’ll then see a mentally-ill patient being wheeled into Reception, before Gygax appears behind Watson. She begins asking Watson why he has travelled to the Institute. Watson does a good job of keeping up appearances before a man posing as Amos Colby (and looking suspiciously like Sherlock!) barges in the front door announcing himself. You can either choose to out Sherlock or claim to recognise him as a celebrity. As with most dialogue choices, it doesn’t matter what you choose, it will just be the dialogue that changes. Either way, Watson is ushered into a guest room to relax, whereas Colby, namely Sherlock, is taken to the Examination Room. Once there you are treated to a cutscene where Gygax is unconvinced by your alter ego and demands you are taken to the Holding Chamber.

Once you are back under control, it’ll be Sherlock in the cell. You can examine your cellmate, but there is no useful information to derive. You need to get out of here, so approach the door for your next lockpicking attempt. There are four pins this time, and the combination from left to right is:

  • Far Left: Up 2
  • Centre Left: Up 4
  • Centre Right: Up 3
  • Far Right: Up 1

You will unlock the door, and can now wander freely around some of the Institute.

Investigate the Cell Block A area

Once in the area with the “Block A” sign, head left, and you will see an “Apothecary” area to your left. Enter, and move around the table to your right. You should see a fridge, with Syringes in which you can Investigate. Do so to get the Syringes item. If you try and head to your right, and into the next area, you’ll spot a scientist with his back to you. He is blocking access to Cell Block B, and we need to come up with a plan to get rid of him. Let’s bear that in mind. You will get the Obstructed Access to Block B as a reminder.

Exit the Apothecary the way you entered, and you can investigate the cell blocks one by one. The one of note is that of Maurizio, which will automatically start a cutscene as you walk by. It’s clear that Maurizio despises the Institute staff, which could be useful, oh and he also thinks he’s Napoleon. You’ll be given the Patient Hates the Guards evidence once the cutscene is over. Keep heading down the corridor until the end and you will find the Storage Room. It’s another locked door. The lockpick solution is below:

  • Far Left: Up 1
  • Centre Left: Up 3
  • Centre: Up 2
  • Centre Right: Up 3
  • Far Right: Up 4

Once the door is unlocked, enter the Storage Room. Head to the far wall, and look to your left. Investigate the Dumbwaiter to find the Old Photograph and A Working Dumbwaiter evidence. Then turn around and Investigate a box on the floor in the middle of the room to find the A Note from Professor Becker and Metal Tubes evidence.

Now you can exit the Storage Room, and head back along the corridor until you reach a new door at the far end, with a set of steps beyond leading upwards. A sign on the wall to your right reads “Examination Room”. Head up the steps and look to your left. Between two doors on the wall is a map. Interact with it to give yourself a map and update Watson’s Successful Infiltration evidence.

Look to your right and interact with the door, to see a man on the other side guarding it. This will give you the Blocked Path Upstairs evidence. Now turn around and head on over to the table to the right of the Examination chair and examine the bottle there. It will allow you to pick up the A Bottle of Sedative.

With this item, we can now enter the Mind Palace and answer the question How to safely remove the Block B guard? Select the Syringes, Metal Tubes, and A Bottle of Sedative. This will reveal:

Use a handmade blowpipe with a sedative.

This updates your Obstructed Access to Block B evidence. You can now head back to the Storage Room and this time when you Investigate the box on the floor, you can actually pick up the Metal Tube, and update your Obstructed Access to Block B evidence further.

Now try to enter the Cell Block B area again, and this time you will need to execute a Quick Time Event to accurately shoot the scientist in the back before the timer runs out. It is very generous, so focus on being accurate. Once done, you’ll be treated to a short cutscene, and then Sherlock can interact with the body to obtain inconspicuous attire.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 3 – Investigate Block B

Before wandering too far, Investigate the crate that the scientist was looking in before you shot them. You’ll find the Letter to Mr Schnitzer evidence. Now enter the door to your left, into Block B proper. Turn to your left, and walk down the corridor until you see a passage on your right. Take it and then head through the next door, and then around to your right. You’ll trigger a cutscene with an enraged woman in a cell. You discover the woman’s name is Gerda, and she is upset about a woman named Heidi. She also curiously mentions a “Hell’s Door”. Once the cutscene is over, you will have discovered Gerda’s Testimony and Heidi evidence.

Turn around and head through the door with the “Restricted Area” sign next to it. Head down the corridor, and then take the first right into the Laundry room. Look to your right to a couple of lockers. Open them and then interact with the large doll inside. It turns out that this doll is in fact Heidi. Picking it up after inspecting it will update you Heidi evidence.

Pin the Heidi evidence and return to Gerda to begin another dialogue section. She mentions an area back down the hall, that we should investigate. Once the conversation is finished, it will update you Heidi evidence. Turn around and head back down the corridor, but this time, beyond the Laundry door, and take the doorway on the left. Head on through and explore the cells to your left. Outside them you will see a small table with the Medical Evaluations and Black Edeweiss’ Secrets evidence on it. By exploring the cells, you will also kick off the first Scene in an Imagination we need to solve. For the rest of it, however, we need to leave the cells and head over into the other large room, we’ve yet to explore.

There are a few areas to Concentrate on and investigate here, and we’ll need to do all of it. Concentrating on the blood on the wall as you enter, and the nearby trolley should give you all Scenarios for Scene 1. Head on over to the right-hand sight of the room, and Sherlock will remark there are some crates similar to those you spotted in London. This will update Black Edeweiss’ Secrets evidence. Investigate both crates to unlock all Scenarios for Scene 2. Now head towards the big doors at the far end. Interacting with it gives the two Scenarios for Scene 3.

The solution to the Imagination is below:

  • Scene 1: Scenario 2
  • Scene 2: Scenario 3
  • Scene 3: Scenario 2

Sherlock will recount previous events and then reiterates the need to find Hell’s Door. This updates your evidence Investigating the Edelweiss. Pin this evidence, and then look into the corner of the room, to the right of the crates in Concentration mode. Scratches on the floor will update the pinned evidence. You can then also Concentrate on a circular locking mechanism, which further updates your evidence.

How to open Hell’s Door

Now you have found Hell’s Door, you need to find out how to open it. Return to Gerda, and with Black Edeweiss’ Secrets still pinned, speak with her. However, she won’t help you unless you can fix Heidi. Finishing the conversation updates your Heidi evidence. Pinning it will keep the items you need visible. You need:

  • Two buttons
  • Some thread
  • Glue
  • Nails

Your first port of call for these items is back in Block A, in the Storage Room. When you enter, you should see two new Concentration markers, which when done, show the Glue and Nails you need. Pick both items up. Now, you’ll want to head over to the Laundry room. On the other side of the room from the entrance is a bench with two new Concentration symbols. In the same way, complete them and then pick up the buttons and thread. When you have all four items, return them to Gerda.

After a brief cutscene, it is time for you to Confront Heidi with what you know to understand how to open Hell’s Door. You’ll need to use Investigating the Edelweiss, Gerda’s Testimony, and A Note from Professor BeckerThe confrontation reveals Gygax keeps the key to Hell’s Door close by. This gets you Heidi’s Testimony about Hell’s Door evidence.

Now we can enter the Mind Palace and solve How to get the key to Hell’s Door? You need to select Watson’s Successful Infiltration, A Working Dumbwaiter, and Heidi’s Testimony about Hell’s Door. This reveals:

Watson could find it and send it downstairs.

This gets you the Seeking Help from Watson evidence. We can now also unlock the next question How to get to Watson for help? Simply select Blocked Path Upstairs and Patient Hates the Guards. This reveals:

Use a patient to create a diversion

This further updates the Seeking Help from Watson evidence. Head back to Maurizio’s cell in Block A, and pick the lock. The lockpick solution is below:

  • Farthest Left: Up 2
  • Far Left: Up 3
  • Centre Left: Up 1
  • Centre Right: Up 3
  • Far Right: Up 2
  • Farthest Right: Up 4

This will unlock the cell door.



After this point, you will not be able to return to the Edelweiss Prison area and complete any additional cases or explore any further. Head back if you wish to do anything else. Otherwise, proceed through the cell door.



Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 3 – Watson’s Role

Cutscenes will play, including an inconsequential dialogue choice, and after a while, you will be in charge of Watson, tasked with locating the Hell’s Door key. You will have Sherlock’s Note evidence now. Exit Watson’s guest room, and turn right. At the end of the corridor turn right again and enter the Administration room. Here fully investigate the room to obtain the Recent Photo of Asylum Staff and Gygax’s Patient Reports.

Then exit the Administration room and head back in the direction of the Guest Room. Go beyond the Guest Room and follow the corridor around to the right. Then enter the Director’s Office. A cutscene will play, choose any dialogue options you wish. When it is done you will have obtained the Very Important Patient and Professor Gygax’s Testimony evidence.

Now head along the corridor to the right again, ignore the next room on the left, and head around the corner to Patient Room 2. Head inside and talk to Mr Wolff. After a lot of going and froing of the conversation, you get the opportunity to Observe Mr Wolff. Your two Character Portraits are Ill, due to treatment itself and Ill, and treatment isn’t working. The correct response is Ill, due to treatment itselfYou will receive the evidence Character Portrait: Patient Wolff.

We can now delve into the Mind Palace to solve the next puzzle, Why does Gygax care about Wolff? Select A Note from Professor Becker, Gygax’s Patient Reports, and Character Portrait: Patient Wolff. This will reveal:

Wolff is the former director of the Black Edelweiss, Professor Becker.

This updates the Very Important Patient evidence. With this updated evidence, we can now solve the next Mind Palace puzzle, How to lure Gygax out of her office? For this select Gygax’s Patient Reports,Professor Gygax’s Testimony, and Very Important Patient. This will reveal:

Use Becker to distract Gygax.

This further updates the Very Important Patient evidence. Pin this evidence and then talk to Becker. This will cause a cutscene to play. You will write a letter to Gygax from Becker. Choose which details you wish to include in the letter through the options as they appear. Once finished, the Very Important Patient evidence gets updated again and you receive A Letter written by Becker.

Pin A Letter written by Becker and then head back to the Director’s Office. Interact with Kuntz to initiate a cutscene where Gygax and Kuntz march off to Becker’s room. This leaves the Director’s Office free for you to explore. Head on over to the main desk and Investigate it. Look on top and in the drawers to find everything. You will find Gygax’s Diary and Letter from New Orleans Bank pieces of evidence. And critically, also, the Special Key item.

Head out of the Director’s Office, and turn left. Take the first door on your left to reach the Kitchen. Interact with the dumbwaiter in the far corner to send the Special Key to Sherlock.

Under Edelweiss

You now have control of Sherlock again and can explore the weird goings on under Edelweiss. head forward, and go through the door on your right. You’ll be in a schoolroom of sorts. Investigate the front desk using Concentration to update the Black Edeweiss’ Secrets evidence. You can pick up a Wax Cylinder from a table by the blackboard. Examining the blackboard itself further updates Black Edeweiss’ Secrets.

Exit the schoolroom and head straight down the corridor. At the end, enter the door on the left, and Investigate the well area to further update the Black Edeweiss’ SecretsGo back out of the door, and take the door on your left. In front of you, you will find a desk to Investigate which will get you the A Hand-Written Letter and A Telegram from New Orleans evidence. You’ll also find the Shiny Key item.

To the right is another desk where you can find the Notebook of Professor Gygax evidence. You can also use the Wax Cylinder here to make some eery chanting and add to the Black Edeweiss’ Secrets. Head through the door between the desks to further add to Black Edeweiss’ Secrets, and Investigating the dynamo to the left and the bird to the right will add more details too. When you are done, head through the door and descend the steps for a cutscene which will also add to your evidence.

Retrace your steps a couple of rooms and you’ll notice a hydraulic lift descend for you to use. Initiate it to begin a new cutscene. You will discover Gygax is dead. When you take control of Holmes again, you’ll need to go and investigate the body, Once you have done so, you can open up the Mind Palace and answer the final question Where does the evidence lead next? For this select A Hand-Written Letter, A Telegram from New Orleans, and Letter from New Orleans Bank. This will reveal:

New Orleans, in the USA.

This will get you the Lead in the USA evidence. Pin it and speak to Watson for a cutscene that ends the chapter.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 3 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.