Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 4

by on April 11, 2023

Chapter 4 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, The Outsiders, is set in New Orleans, USA, and it may be a chapter you need a walkthrough for. In this chapter, we will explore sunny New Orleans looking for more clues about the mysterious “A” and what this has to do with all the abductions. As with any chapter in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Chapter 4 can be difficult to figure out, but here at God is a Geek, we’ve got an entire walkthrough for the game to help you through all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 4

Banking House of E.W. Gray

You begin in sunny New Orleans with a single piece of evidence – the Banking House of E.W. Gray. Pin this evidence, and then go and speak to a local. You will find that:

The bank can be found on the street up from the port on the left side of the harbour master building, opposite Chinatown.

This will update your Banking House of E.W. Gray evidence, as will interacting with any of the red posters you see around the map, telling you black opals are for sale in the Banking House.

So now let’s track down the Banking House. If you open up your map, you can actually see the building labelled “BANK” in the bottom-right-hand corner of the postcard. That’s the building you are looking for, so make your way there. As you approach, you’ll see a man outside, interact with him to start a cutscene. You’ll get the opportunity to Observe the man. Character Portrait options are Paranoid Fool or Critical Thinker, with the latter being the better choice. You can choose to lie or tell the truth next, but either way you aren’t granted access to the bank. Your Banking House of E.W. Gray evidence is now updated, and you have two new pieces – Frank Barnaby and Character Portrait: Bank Guard.

Finding Frank Barnaby

Pin your Frank Barnaby evidence, and then turn around to speak to Watson. You need to find Frank Barnaby, and with evidence pinned, speaking to a local will reveal:

The locals say he owns a shop in Chinatown called ‘Barnaby’s Hidden Gems’.

And your Frank Barnaby evidence will be updated accordingly. If you haven’t already, head into Chinatown, opposite the Banking House of E.W. Gray. At the point where the fast-travel for Chinatown unlocks, head right through a red archway, into a side street. Follow it round to the left and you should find Barnaby’s Hidden Gems on your right. Investigate the door and the window to update your evidence. You can also look to your right on the floor to find the The Bank Holds an Auction! evidence.

Then a local will begin talking behind you, about Barnaby no less. Go and speak to the pair, making sure your Frank Barnaby evidence is still pinned. They will reveal:

Two gentleman say that Barnaby owes them money. He is a known alcoholic and is currently getting drunk at a local bar called the ‘Giddy Gator’ in the Creole Quarter. He can be recognised by a yellow hat and green jacket.

This will update you Frank Barnaby evidence. Now turn right and go to the end of the street, cross over the road, and you should see a white sign for the Giddy Gator Bar next to an open doorway. Head inside and through the next doorway in the brickwork. Then turn left at the fence and you will see the Giddy Gator Bar sign above your head. In front of you is a man slumped on a table. Go and investigate. You’ll crucially find the Invitation to the Auction evidence. Upon realising Barnaby looks like Watson, you take his clothes. So pick up the yellow hat and green jacket.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 4 – The Auction

After a short cutscene, you control Watson, dressed as Barnaby. Now head back to the Banking House of E.W. Gray. Approach the Bank Guard and after a short dialogue and some more terrible acting from Watson, he is let in the bank.

Once inside you can inspect any of the Black Opals to update your Banking House of E.W. Gray evidence. Then wander around to the right of the room, and look at the wall. You should see a large plaque with names on it, inspect it for the Plaque with Philanthropists evidence.

Now head back around to the front desk and interact with the staff member there. Exhaust the dialogue options with Zoey, and you will be interrupted by another character. After a brief exchange, you get the option to Observe him. You can choose between Toothless Dog or Fashionable Menace in your Character Portraits. It’s clear from the following dialogue that Sheriff Grubb sees through your disguise and wants you to leave New Orleans tomorrow morning. Afterwards you will have the Meeting the SheriffCharacter Portrait: Sheriff Grubb evidence, as well as updated Banking House of E.W. Gray evidence.

Help from the locals

Head outside and update Sherlock. Then you’ll want to head back to the boat to get changed. When you get there, however, you’ll find your clothes are in the water. Suddenly a woman named Lucy will begin talking to you revealing the Sheriff was the one who ruined your clothes. She offers John some new clothes on the Nymph of Louisiana boat, Room 6. You’ll receive Lucy’s Help evidence.

Make your way onto the Nymph of Louisiana, there should be no obstructions. Make your way to the far side, and then turn right and go up the stairs. Room 6 is at the top. When John is dressed, Lucy mentions a woman called Champagne that might be able to help them in their search. She resides in the Fisherman’s Village. This updates Lucy’s Help.

Head to the Fisherman’s Village, once you’re away from the pier, over the train tracks and beyond the small market, turn right and head straight. Beyond the first house on your right, you should see a boat-like structure on your right, head up the steps to it and a cutscene will play. This is Champagne. After a brief conversation, you’ll get the Opal Trader evidence.

Now we have enough information to enter the Mind Palace and answer Who is the jewel seller ‘A’? Select Plaque with Philanthropists, Banking House of E.W. Gray, and Opal Trader. This will reveal:

He’s most likely Mr E. Arneson, who lives in the French Quarter.

This gives you the ‘A’ for Arneson evidence.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 4 – French Quarter

Pin this new evidence, and then speak to a local, this will yield:

Passerby suggest using a cab near the harbour master building to travel to the French Quarter.

This will update your ‘A’ for Arneson evidence. Head to the Harbour Master Building and there is a cab there.



After this point, you will not be able to return to the New Orleans area and complete any additional cases or explore any further in this chapter. Head back if you wish to do anything else. Otherwise, proceed to ask for a lift from the cab.


Confirm and you will be transported to the French Quarter. You now need to find Arneson’s Mansion. You can open up the map and see where you are (the fast-travel location). Your target is the large mansion in the top left corner. Every other mansion is gated off, so there’s nowhere else to explore. So head to your left, and then at the end turn right, and head straight all the way down to the end.

You will see a woman at the end, by a fence in distress. Speak to her. She reveals her name is Eulah and she is waiting for her brother Davy, who works for Mr. Arneson. She hasn’t seen him for days and begs for help.

A cutscene will play, beginning the next Chapter automatically.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 4 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.