Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 6

by on April 11, 2023

Chapter 6 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, The Call of the Bayou, is set in the Swamp, and it may be a chapter you need a walkthrough for. In this chapter, we will explore the murky waters of the bayou and try and track down Ashmat and Arneson. As with any chapter in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Chapter 6 can be difficult to figure out, but here at God is a Geek, we’ve got an entire walkthrough for the game to help you through all the puzzles.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Walkthrough Chapter 6

Navigating the Swamp

Your first task is navigating the Swamp. To help you pin the Clues for Navigation evidence to remind you. The first thing you’ll want to do is look out for white lilies and follow their trail. The other clue to watch out for at this stage are white crosses painted on trees. These crosses mean you have gone the wrong way. so follow the Lillies, and then look out for a sharp left turn after you’ve crossed a wide part of the swamp. If you miss it, you’ll know because you’ll see a white cross on a tree to your right, telling you to turn around.

You’ll see more Lillies and then see a flame in the distance from a house. But you’ll spot a white cross on a rock in front of it, meaning you should avoid it, and instead turn to your right and follow the lillies. Then further down this new stream, look for some Lillies off to your left in an otherwise partially hidden sharp left turn. If you miss it, you’ll see the cross telling you you’ve gone too far.

The next section is actually easier as you are looking out for fires, which are much easier to see – even from afar.  Head straight over the lake of lillies and beyond the torches. Now just keep looking for torches in the distance and following them. At the point where Sherlock utters “A shadow, nothing more”, be careful and look to you right, and you’ll see a torch there, meaning you should follow the bayou right here. Keep following the torches, and look out for another sharp right run you will need to make later on too.

Watson and Sherlock will mention the air getting thicker, and before long you’ll see a jetty on your left. You don’t need to stop here, but it’s probably for the best in case you mess up this next section.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 6 – Dealing with Alligators

Ahead of the jetty, Alligators are swimming around. If you try and take the boat through, you will die. Instead, we need to occupy their attention. Look to the right and you should see a small river offshoot you can row down, and there are plenty of torches here too. Keep rowing until you reach another jetty. Disembark and head up the slope, to find three bodies hanging from the tree above the Alligators. This will add the Alligators evidence. Interact with Watson to begin a pretty intense QTE. You need to aim and shoot all three bodies at the indicated point before all the timers run out. If the timer runs out, you’ll be eaten by an Alligator that has spotted you. So be quick and accurate to get all three shot down. Successfully doing so will distract the Alligators and update the Alligators evidence.

Head back to your boat, and rejoin the main river. You can now row past the area that had the Alligators in. We now exchange torches for dead birds hanging from posts as symbols for where to go next. They’re still pretty easy to spot as their outlines contrast to the murky pea soup of the bayou. This section is also quite small, so you shouldn’t get lost if you follow the birds.

Sherlock will call out when he spots the pier. Disembark to begin your adventure on foot.

Investigate the Ceremony

As you leave the boat your Clues for Navigation and Arneson’s Photo evidence will update. There’s a Concentration point to your right, but it leads to no additional evidence. Head up the hill and follow the path as it bends around to the right. You’ll find two more Concentration points that show Ashmat dragged Arneson through here. Keep following the winding path until you end up in a large open area with a fire in the middle. You can inspect it for a Concentration scene of people worshipping the fire. You can also investigate a person tied to one of the crosses to the right. It isn’t Arneson. This gives the Patch of Land Near Bonfire evidence.

There is however a Concentration point on another empty cross, highlighting a blood splash, and this was where Arneson was tied up. You can then Investigate it which will update the Patch of Land Near Bonfire evidence. This will also kick off a 4-part Imagination Scene to discover what happened to Arneson. You have now unlocked Scene 1. Behind the cross is another Investigation area that updates the evidence and completes the Scenarios for Scene 1.

Ahead of you is a wooden shack with what appears to be some sort of altar inside. Approach it and Concentrate on the icon and you’ll get the Altar evidence. Investigate it to further update the Altar evidence. You’ll now unlock Scene 2. Now turn around and head to your right where you can see two torches burning. You should see a Concentration point at the base of a Stone Alcove. This will get you the Stone Alcove evidence. Investigating the large blood mark higher up will unlock Scene 3 and further update your Stone Alcove evidence. Also, look at the footprints on the ground to further update your Stone Alcove evidence.

From the Stone Alcove turn around and wander across the area until you see some cages. Investigate them to get all Scene 2 Scenarios and the Cages evidence. Now look behind you in Concentration mode to Investigate some cart tracks which updates the Cages evidence. Investigate the pile of clothes to the right of the Cages to update the Cages evidence and unlock all Scene 3 Scenarios.

To the right of the cages is an axe on a bloody stump, Investigate it and the cross next to it. This unlocks the final Scene and updates the Cages evidence. You now have everything you need to solve the IMagination puzzle. If you’re struggling, the solution is:

  1. Scene 1: Scenario 2
  2. Scene 2: Scenario 3
  3. Scene 3: Scenario 3
  4. Scene 4: Scenario 1

Sherlock will then run through the situation as usual. This gives you the Arneson’s Path evidence.

Through the Stone Alcove

Pin your newly-acquired Arneson’s Path evidence, and head over to the Stone Alcove again. Now enter Concentration mode and look for blood trails on the floor. They should lead away to the left and eventually to a hidden spot, which contains the Bloodied Statuette. Head back to the Stone Alcove and place it on it. The Stone Alcove will open and you can move forward. You will come across a tight gap in the cave walls.



After this point, you will not be able to return to the Swamp and explore any further. Head back if you wish to do anything else. Otherwise, proceed to squeeze through the gap in the rocks.


Sherlock rudely decides to leave Watson and venture on alone. Head through the cave until you come to a section with three doorways. Look to your right and you will see a book on a pedestal. As you approach you will hear “Woe betide those who take it.”, then  “Walk away.” and “Let the unknown be.” Pick up the book and examine it to get the Occult Book item. The visuals will go blurry, and as you turn around you’ll see the central door is lit up. Enter through it.

Strange World first area

We’re back in the strange world again and have puzzles to solve. The first thing to understand is the place where you are now holds the exit door. But there is also an alternative area that looks the same that we will be travelling to, to understand how to reach the door. The pathway between each alternative area is a mirror door, off to your right. So head to your right, and you will see the small mirror door in the rock, with light coming out of the ground in front of it.

Once through it, the big thing you’ll notice that is different is the large expanse in front of you now has floating rocks in it. As with all floating rocks in this world, we need to find the white symbols on the floor and use the noise as our guide. Head to your left and you will see two sets of stairs leading up, and one heading down. Head down the steps, and then to your right is a symbol to step on. Then head back to the start and head to the right, and up the steps here. Halfway up on your left, you will see the symbol to lock the rocks in place.

The rocks are now in place, but they are transparent, and cannot be traversed. What they do outline though is where the rocks should be. The trick is to now go into the other area using the mirror and follow the path of where the rocks should be (they’ll be invisible) to cross the large gap to the door. To make things trickier, the worlds are a mirror of each other, so left in one world is right in the other. The best thing to do is to head up to the highest point on each side of the gap and make a note of where the steps go before you head back to the mirror world.

Head back to the original world through the mirror and try and traverse the rocks. To help, we have summarised below the direction you should take:

  1. Straight ahead from the sticking-out rock all the way onto the hand.
  2. Exit the hand between the thumb and finger, and aim for the right-hand side of the rock column.
  3. Circle around the rock column keeping it on your left.
  4. Keep to the left of the hanging cage.
  5. Turn right around the cage for 90 degrees, keeping it on your right
  6. Then turn to your left and head to the right of the stone archway.
  7. Circle around the next cage, keeping it on your right.

When you’re on the other side, head through the door.

Second area

This area has axes swinging to your left and right. The first thing to do is to head straight down the steps in front of you where there are three stone slabs. Concentrate and you will see a blood marking design on each one. If you remember these were the markings written in blood on the Passport of Amos Colby that we found back in Chapter 2. It might be worth making a drawing of each marking to remind yourself, as you will need them for the next bit.

Now head back out to where the axes are swinging. By each axe will be a stone slab, that when you Concentrate on it will reveal a blood marking. If it matches one of the ones you are looking for, then you actually want to get sliced by the axe. If not, you need to run past and check the next one. Each time you get killed by the correct axe, you’ll return to the 3 slabs and the corresponding one will light up.

Once all three slabs have lit up, the door ahead will open. Go through it to end your visit to the strange world.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Chapter 6 – Rescuing Arneson

You will take control of Watson, whose lantern is now working. Head down the same cave as you did with Sherlock, it’ll be much shorter and you’ll see Holmes sitting there. A small cutscene will play and your Arneson’s Photo evidence will update. You can’t investigate anything else here first, you need to go straight to Arneson. As you approach, Arneson will utter words and flail about. Head on over and Investigate him and you will receive the Arneson in Delirium evidence.

Now you are free to Investigate everything around you. Firstly head to the right and Investigate the desk and you’ll get Pokeweed Berries, Amanita Mushrooms, Transparent Liquid, and Pharmacist’s Handbook. You can use the Pharmacist’s Handbook as an Archive to identify the Transparent Liquid. In the Archives, select Consistency: LiquidSmell: Odourless, and Colour: Transparent. This will reveal the Transparent Liquid is Snake Venom.

Head to the other corner past Arneson and Investigate the table for Dwale, Salvia Divinorum, and Unknown Decoction. Again using the Archives on Unkoen Decoction and selecting Consistency: LiquidSmell: Pungent, and Colour: Dark will reveal it to be Ayahuasca.

We can now open up the Mind Palace and solve How can Arneson be sedated? Select Dwale and Snake Venom. This will reveal:

By combining ingredients at hand to make a sedative.

This will reveal the Sedative for Arneson evidence. You are now able to pick up Dwale from this table and Snake Venom from the other. This will update the Sedative for Arneson evidence. Now head to Arneson to give him the sedative and update the Arneson in Delirium evidence.

As Sherlock, you can now exit the cave, which will cause a disturbing cutscene to occur. Watson will rescue Sherlock just in time, before they head back across the swamp. They will then head back to Champagne who will get Lucy to help Arneson. The Chapter will end as Sherlock and Watson leave to head for their boat.

Congratulations you have completed Chapter 6 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.