Halo Infinite | Tips to get started on Zeta Halo

by on December 8, 2021

There’s a lot of new things to learn about 343’s latest in the series, so we’ve put together some Halo Infinite tips to get you started on Zeta Halo. We’ve spent hours with the game’s single-player campaign, and surprisingly, some of the things we’ve discovered will actually stand you in good stead for the multiplayer side of the game as well.

There will be no spoilers in this article, but if you want more than Halo Infinite tips to get started, there’s plenty of more in-depth guides available on the site, which you can access by clicking here. Let’s get started with one of the most important tips you’ll ever read for Halo Infinite, especially if you plan on getting all the collectible logs in the game!

Halo Infinite tips: Sound is key

Something Halo Infinite never really tells you is that almost everything in the game has its own unique audio key. This may sound obvious. Weapons and enemies often make a certain sound. But the audio design is key to being successful, especially on higher difficulty levels. For example, the grappleshot is one of the best new additions to Halo, but since you want to focus on the combat, you might not want to glance to the bottom corner to see when it’s recharged. There’s a small audio cue that lets you know it can be redeployed. Once you notice that, you’ll never need to take your eyes off the action again.

What are FOBs?

Likewise, every collectible audio log, or spartan core, has a unique audio cue to it. They all have a different beep. Whether it’s a UNSC audio log or a Banished one, it will sound different. The audio cue will get louder as you get closer, so all the collectibles are both audible, and proximity-based. This will help you find the trickier collectibles in Halo Infinite. Sound is absolutely key.

Never stop moving and punching

With the addition of the grappleshot, I feel like developer 343 Industries is saying “keep moving”. Upgrades that let you use it more often mean you should always be on the move. The grappleshot upgrades are essential and let you stun many low-end enemies in place. Doing this means a quick melee kill is on the cards, saving valuable ammo in the process. Speaking of the melee, it will drop a shield in one hit in the multiplayer. Two melees? That’ll kill most enemies in the multiplayer, and anything below a strong elite or brute in the campaign.

Enemy Drop shields can be removed quickly

In both multiplayer and single-player, the battlefield will be littered with drop shields. You’ll know them by the glowing orange aura. Sure, you could shoot at them, lob grenades, waste power-weapon ammo like the SPNKR. Or, you could just aim a few precise shots at the projection base and take it out in seconds.

Drop Wall


The thing is, having this knowledge renders a drop shield useless in multiplayer. If you know that you can remove it from play that quickly, it’s likely the enemy does as well. The truth is, for single-player, it’s not too bad, but for the heavier enemies, they’ll power through it pretty quickly anyway.

Halo Infinite tips: use all your abilities

While it’s easy to forget this in the maelstrom of combat, each ability has an individual cooldown. This means you can throw out multiple threat sensors, then grapple somewhere, and then use a drop shield. You don’t have to wait on a single cooldown: they’re all unique. On Xbox, you’ll need to be quick with the D-Pad, as this is how you select each of the four abilities. Master this, and you’ll be on your way to mastering combat.

The grappleshot is overpowered, so use it!

While the open world of Zeta Halo is a fantastic place to explore, the king of Halo Infinite is the new grappleshot. Upgrading it means you can shock enemies in place, but it’s absolutely key to mastering each combat encounter. For example, you can run up to the glowing blue, green, and purple-looking things that explode when shot. You can pick them up and throw them. But what if you just grappled them to you instead. The speed increase by doing this is phenomenal, and you should get used to it very quickly.

How to obtain Valor for Halo Infinite FOB Upgrades

Likewise, you can pick up weapons by just flinging your grapple at them. Killed an enemy with a shotgun and want to grab it quickly? Grappleshot! Want to get rid of a Sniper who’s hiding in a small outpost building? Grappleshot and melee his face! Need to climb that rock face in a Skyrim fashion? Grappleshot!! See a Ghost racing towards you and want to commandeer it? You get the point. It’s overpowered: use it.

Use the UNSC marines at the FOBs

Unlocking weapons and vehicles at FOBs is a surefire way to increase your chances in battle. The thing is, it’s not immediately made obvious, but they will ride with you from bases to wherever you go. If you ask for a Warthog, one will be dropped at your FOB. If you’ve unlocked a rocket marine? He or she will get in the vehicle, while another UNSC member will ride the turret. This means you can attack Banished installations with a rocket launcher and turret, all while you’re just driving around. In Halo Infinite, a vehicle blowing up is now designated by an audio cue and the vehicle flashing read. Get out, Spartan, or you’re gonna die!

That’s all for now. These are some basic tips that will get you going, especially if you’re new to the series with Halo Infinite. Keep an eye on the rest of the site for guides that’ll help you in the end-game with some particularly tricky bosses.