Monster Hunter Rise | How to get endless Dango Tickets

by on January 12, 2022

Eating before a hunt has long been a staple of the Monster Hunter series, and there is a way to farm Monster Hunter Rise for endless Dango Tickets. Food can provide many buffs for the following quest, from increased rewards to heightened defences. In Monster Hunter Rise, you can stack up to 3 different Bunny Dango treats, each of which has a percentage chance to bestow one or two different buffs.

If you want to increase the chances of each buff taking effect you’ll need a Dango Ticket. While some effects can only have a 90% activation rate, that’s still a lot better than 50%. Luckily, these Dango Tickets are super easy to get hold of. All you need to do is use the Motley Mix option at the Canteen, and you’ll be rewarded with Dango Tickets.

However, if you want to maximise your rewards and do yourself a massive favour each hunt, there’s a great way to farm them. Just head to Rondine in the Buddy Plaza and buy Raw Meat (yes, you can find it by killing small monsters but it takes too long). Buy stacks of it (she only charges 60 points for each one) and then cook them all into Well Done Steaks using Motley Mix.

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A stack of fifty will reward you with 28 Dango Tickets, as well as topping up your Well Done Steaks – a far more effective way to refill your Stamina during hunts.

MHR Dango Ticket 003

Now, simply use a Dango Ticket every time you buy a meal and you’re guaranteed at least a 90% activation rate on meal buffs. As these can weaken monsters or even afford you a free cart, it’s absolutely worth making sure you have the best possible chance of activating each one.

Oh, and the Motley Mix is also great for grabbing rare materials if you get lucky enough – though you’ll need to cook more valuable things than hunks of raw meat to achieve that. There you go, that’s how you get Monster Hunter Rise endless Dango Tickets

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