Escape Academy Introductions Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

Introductions is the first escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Introductions Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: ???
Difficulty Rating: 1/5


Gather the Goblets

After a brief introduction meeting the Escape Room employee and an overview of the fairly simple controls, you’ll be thrust into the room proper. Your first task is to locate three goblets throughout the room.

For the first one you’ll want to look at a piece of paper on a lectern to your left. It reads:

“If you look, you can never leave! At last, you have uncovered our secret society. As the clock tolls your death! To know our secret, open your mind to unlock the all powerful Key of Truth…”

If you take the underlined words here you have “Look at clock to open lock.”

Now if you move over to the far side of the room you’ll see the clock. It has a note on it that reads:

“Clock is broken, pretend it’s 12:30 – Mgmt”

So, now we have our code to open the box, that’s just to the left of the clock. Input the code “1230” into the padlock and it will open. Inside the box will be your first Blue Goblet as well as a Mysterious Clue, which has a picture of a goblet, and the the colours Blue, Yellow, Red, Red on it. That’ll be of use later, once we’ve found the other goblets.

Head towards the exit door, and you will see to the right a trash can. Inspect it and you should find the Yellow Goblet.

Turn around and look in the cardboard box on the table, and you will find the Red Goblet.

Crack the Safe

Now we need to use the Goblets in conjunction with the Mysterious Clue. Each Goblet has a letter engraved on it:

  • Blue: F
  • Yellow: R
  • Red: E

When you apply the coloured goblets to the colour pattern on the Mysterious Clue, you get the word “FREE”.

Use the code FREE on the safe to open it, to receive the Key of Truth. You can then use it on the door to escape.

Uncover a Lie

But we’re not done yet! Oddly, once you’ve escaped the room, the employee is nowhere to be seen. I guess we have more exploring to do.

The first thing you should take note of is the T-Shirt merchandise to your right. There’s a row of five t-shirts each with a different directional arrow on it, making the pattern:

Up, Right, Down, Up, Right

Let’s remember this, and move to the TV screen. As you go to interact with it, your gaze is instead brought to the TV remote itself, which has some directional buttons. Copy the T-Shirt code into the remote, and the TV will turn on, and show a lot of letters at you. The key part ot take away is the middle of the screen so:


Now turn around 180 degrees and move towards the noticeboard. Here you should be able to pick up a number of business cards. We don’t actually need all of them, but for now pick them all up.

You’ll notice the door to the right of the noticeboard is a little ajar. So head in, and to your right, you’ll notice a familiar board. You’ll see the alphabet split in two with arrows going between them. What this means is that certain letters actually translate into another. So we need to take our weird letters from the TV and work out what their corresponding letters are. Doing this gives you a new set of words:


The eagle-eyed amongst you will remember that those names each appear on a business card you have picked up. If you now turn to your left, you’ll be presented with three slabs, each of which can hold a business card. You need to place them, from left to right, in accordance to the names above. So Jeb’s card on the left, Allie’s in the middle, and Eel’s to the right.

Doing so will raise the fish placard and bag you the Key of Lies.

Discover the Truth

With the Key of Lies, head back out into the main room. If you haven’t already noticed it, there is a locked toilet door over the other side of the room, to the right of the TV. You can use your Key of Lies to open it.

Once inside, you can open the toilet stalls. Opening the far right one will reveal a staircase for you to go down. Follow the stairs down and again, until you reach a wide open area with an unfamiliar person in front of you.

Go and speak to them and you’ll realise that it is the employee from earlier. Now she reveals to you that she is in fact the Headmaster of the Escape Academy and she would like you to join the school. Agreeing to do so, and entering the train will officially end your escape.