Escape Academy Where There’s Smoke Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

Where There’s Smoke is the eleventh escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Where There’s Smoke Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 20 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Reveal the Secret Exit

Oh no! The Library is on fire. Things are heating up now, so let’s figure out how to escape. Firstly head straight ahead of you to a plinth. On it is a book which reads:

“There’s no time to read. If you wish to escape, just flip through.”

Now the eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that the words “flip through” are in bold. That is important.

Move ahead and to the right, down the far aisle, and then on your left before the end, you’ll notice a load of mini shields that you interact with. They read:


As you interact with them, you’ll notice the action button turns to “Flip” and you can rotate the shields. Remember we need to “Flip Through” so:

Flip every letter in the word THROUGH

This will then lower the bookcase to reveal the secret exit. This is our exit to the library, the issue is we need more items to unlock the new door barring our way.

Inspecting it reveals four slots, each with an inscription:

“An Escapist forges their own destiny
An Escapist takes pride in their work
An Escapist goes above and beyond
An Escapist weighs the options”

Tackle the Tablets

We now need to do more investigative work. If you head to the opposite corner of the library, you’ll see a display case with some tablets in it. They have different directional arrows on. In order they are:

Double Right, Up, Left, *Missing Tablet”, Double Left

Before we can move forward, we need to locate that missing tablet. Turn to your left, and you’ll see a set of stairs in the corner that you can go down. Once down the stairs, turn left and you’ll see a display case on your right. In it we see the other tablet, with the following directions on it:

Down Up

Looking to the right of that tablet, there is a chest with a padlock on it. To open up the padlock we need to put the right directional inputs in order. Use all of the tablets together to put the right combination in.

If you’re struggling the solution is:

Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left

This will unlock the chest and you’ll be able to grab a Crank Handle and an Hourglass

Solve the Scrolls

A door will open up once you’ve grabbed those items, opposite the stairs leading down into the room. Head in and look at the wall on your right. It reads:


The word think is in a larger font for a reason. We’ll bear that in mind. Turn to your left and move towards the desk. On it is a piece of paper that says:

“Cogito Ergo Sum
I think therefore I am.”

Then if you turn around you will notice three scrolls on the wall. They have lots of numbers next to some Latin words.

If we focus on the Latin words from the paper we read earlier we can see that:

Cogito: 2
Ergo: 5
Sum: 7

So Cogito Ergo Sum, gives us 257 as a code. However, when you look to the chest to the right, you can see its padlock requires a 4-digit code.

Remember our first clue said we had to “Think Twice”. This means we need to put the value in for Think (AKA Cogito) twice. Therefore the code for the chest is actually:


This gives us a Strange Tile. We’ll be collecting four of these – they are required to unlock the exit door.

Crank the Clocks

Now we need to head back into the main Library area. The doorway behind you will crumble as you enter, meaning you’ve finished with that area. Now head back to the central plinth and look directly ahead. You will see some clocks on the wall.

As you investigate you will see there are three clocks and two cranks. There is a space in the middle for another crank. Use your Crank Handle here. Now you can rotate all the clocks.

The solution to the clocks is actually above you so look up and you’ll see that you need hands facing:

2 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 10 o’clock

Inspecting the clocks again, you can see the way they are positioned on top of each other, that each specific clock must be a specific hand:

Large clock: 6 o’clock
Medium clock: 2 o’clock
Small clock: 10 o’clock

Now it’s all about turning the cranks to make that a reality. The key is to know the following

Left crank: Turns Small clock only
Middle crank: Turns Large and Medium clocks
Right crank: Turns Medium and Small clocks

Therefore the solution is:

Turn Middle Crank until Large clock is pointing at 6 o’clock
Turn Right Crank until Medium clock is pointing at 2 o’clock
Turn Left Crank until Small clock is pointing at 10 o’clock

When done, the way forward into a new room will open.

Line up the Ladders

You’ll enter the room and you’ll notice it’s all upside down. You’ll notice two long ladders that you can interact with – a gold one and a silver one.

For both of them, you need to do the same thing. You need to drag the ladders across the floor to their target position. You need to use the markings on the floor to highlight where the ladders can go.

You’re aiming for a marking on the floor at the end of each one. The biggest thing to remember is that a ladder has two legs, and so there must be tracks for both legs for it to move.

Once each one is in the correct position, you’ll hear the familiar Escape Academy ditty, so you’ll know you’ve done it right.

Once both ladders have been moved, you’ll need to ascend the silver one. At the top of that one is a switch that you can pull. Then climb the gold ladder and at the top, you’ll see the switch has revealed another Strange Tile for you to grab.

Crack the Skulls

Now go to the end of the room, and you will see a large chest. It has a padlock that requires a four-digit code. You will however notice some skulls hanging above the chest (or below as it appears to you as everything is upside down).

The next part is immensely easier with a co-op partner. If you have someone playing with you, have one person stay at the chest, and have the other one go and do the investigating, and call back the information to you.

However, we’ll continue assuming you’re running solo.

For the rest of this part of the solution, we’re going to be talking from the perspective of the chest being the correct way up, and therefore the code we deduce will also be from that perspective. All we’ll need to do at the end is flip it upside down again.

So, ready? Right, take note of the different skulls hanging from the ceiling. They are:

Bull, Human, Bird, Human

Now, what you’ll need to do is go back to the main room, and look at some of the display cases to our right. These contain all of these skulls. Look through the cases, and you’ll notice each skull has a number next to it. Critically the following:

Bull: 6
Human: 9
Bird: 8

So that means our code for the chest is:


Now let’s head back into the upside-down room with the chest. Now to rotate this number upside down means that the numbers as you see them from left to right will read:


But, obviously scrolling through them they will be in their correct numerical order, just upside down.

Once the above code is entered, the chest will open and you can grab another Strange Tile.

Open the Hourglass Door

Exit the room, and it will crumble behind you. Head to the centre of the room, and then turn left, and you will see a door at the end of the aisle. There are three hourglasses here with space for a fourth.

Place your Hourglass that you picked up a while back into the slot. Now you need to arrange the hourglasses in a certain configuration to open the door.

The answer is right in front of you. Take a couple of steps back and look up, and you will see the solution in a stain-glass window above you. Rotate each of the hourglasses to match up with the corresponding hourglass in the window picture and the door will open.

Decipher the Globes

Enter this room and you’ll see some globes around the room plus a strange device in the centre of the room. Go and look at the globes and you’ll notice that on each one of the continents is spelled differently.

ASIA on one globe is spelled BTJB
EUROPE on one globe is spelled FVSPQF
N AMERICA on one globe is spelled O BNFSJDB
AFRICA on one globe is spelled BGSJDB

Now all of these new spellings have one thing in common. And that is that they are using the next letter of the alphabet instead so A becomes B etc.

In fact as proof of this, look towards the far wall as you enter and you will see the following high up:

A → B

So, this is the language we need to use to solve the middle device. Also around the room are three coloured words spelled out in large letters. These words and colours are:

Blue: BJS which translates back to AIR
Red: TVO which translates back to SUN
Yellow: GJSF which translates back to FIRE

Now head to the central device and select the pictures depicting each of these words on the three coloured bands around the device. The device will open and you’ll get your fourth and final Strange Tile.

Open the Gate!

Now we have all four Strange Tiles, we need to return to the exit gate we found right at the beginning. You’ll notice that each Strange Tile has a picture on it:

Scales, Bird, Lion, Anvil

And remember what the clues were on the exit when we investigated it earlier:

“An Escapist forges their own destiny
An Escapist takes pride in their work
An Escapist goes above and beyond
An Escapist weighs the options”

Each of these clues represents one of the Strange Tile pictures. Put them in the following places:

An Escapist forges their own destiny: Anvil
An Escapist takes pride in their work: Lion
An Escapist goes above and beyond: Bird
An Escapist weighs the options: Scales

The exit will open and you have literally escaped the library. Well done.