Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

Tea ‘N Tea is the tenth escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 25 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 4/5


Unlock the Bomb

There’s so much to look at and investigate when you first begin this level. It can feel overwhelming. But the first thing you want to do is locate the two vans around the edge of the Quad. One is a Police van and the other is a Florist’s van.

In the Police Van, you will find the Police Keychain and in the Florist’s Van, you will find the Flowers Keychain. Once you have them both, you need to return to the centre of the Quad where you first started the level.

Then use both Keychains on their corresponding locks to open up the bomb. Now we just need to figure out how to disarm it. Before we worry about that though, grab the Tea Recipe that’s on the inside of the bomb we’ve just opened. We’ll use this later.

Open the Left Side

Pay close attention to the left-hand side of the bomb, particularly a small piece of white text near the bottom. It says:

900 AM

Head over to the Florist’s Van again, and this time tune in to the 900 AM radio station. You will tune in to the following message:

“Alpha. Up. Bravo. Down. Charlie. Down. Delta. Down. Echo. Up. Foxtrot. Up. I. Repeat.”

This message actually relates to the left-hand side of the bomb itself. So head back over to the bomb and look at the left-hand side. You will see six lettered keys on their that you interact with. You can either move them up or leave them down. It should be fairly obvious, but the solution is:

A: Up
B: Down
C: Down
D: Down
E: Up
F: Up

Once all the keys are in their correct positions, you can press the tick button, and it opens up a wiring compartment. Unfortunately, we don’t know what to do with this yet.

Unlock the Vans

Now you’ll need to explore the Quad to find the Police tent – it’s a large tent and blue in colour. Go inside, and then look for a noticeboard on your left. On it, you should be able to pick up the Campus Police Keycard.

Now locate the Police Van again, but this time, we’re going to go round and open it from the back. Use your new Campus Police Keycard, and you’ll gain access to the back of the van.

Before you head in though, it’s worth making a note of something else. There’s a small workbench just around from the Florist’s Van. Investigate it and you’ll a toolbox that is locked and requires a four-digit code to unlock.

Also equally as important is the sign behind it that reads:


We will be using this in a moment. Return to the Police Van and head into the back. To the left as you enter is a Periodic Table. Each element on it has an atomic number. Now if you remember the “NaNO” code from before, this is actually a chemical formula made up of three elements:

Na, N and O

Now find these elements on the Periodic Table will yield the following numbers:

11, 7, 8

This makes the code to unlock the toolbox:


Your reward for this will be a Russian / English Dictionary and a Bonilla’s Bouquets Keycard. From the workbench head towards the Florists Van and use your newfound Keycard to open up the back of the Florists Van.

Gather the Chemicals

Now we need to make our own little bomb. From the back of the Florist’s Van, pick up the RDX – a bomb ingredient, but also pick up the Map of the Quad, which we’ll save for later.

Now we need to return to the Police Tent. On the table on the left you’ll notice a locked briefcase with a picture of a teapot on it. It has a 3-digit lock on it. Next to it is a piece of paper with following words on it:

“One cup of tea, just for me.”

Now we’ll want to inspect the Tea Recipe we picked up a while ago. It reads:

“Tea for Three
3 Bunches of Tea Leaves
12 Spoonfuls of Milk
9 Cubes of Sugar

Delicious for group parties, serve with donuts!”

With this information we can deduce what the code to unlock the briefcase is. We’ve been told what to do to make three cups of tea, but the code is what is required to make just one. If you’re struggling with the solution, the answer is:


Put this code in the briefcase, and it will open and you’ll get the Door Buster Recipe and the Plasticizer.

Now we need to head to the back of the Police Van. If you haven’t already, pick up the Solvent when you get there. Now place the Solvent, RX and Plasticizer in the machine at the back of the van.

You’ll now need to reference the Door Buster Recipe, which reads:

“The Door Buster
>50% RDX
<30% Solvent >20% Plasticizer

Once placed, run like hell!
Note to self: > more than, < less than”

Now you have to mix the Door Buster based on the instructions above. The mixtures can be changed in increments of 10%, and remember where it says less or more than, it doesn’t also say equal to. So for example the RDX must be a number larger than 50, it cannot be 50.

To satisfy the Door Buster Recipe, there is only one solution that works, if you’re struggling, the answer is below:

RDX: 60%
Solvent: 10%
Plasticizer: 30%

Doing this will net you the Door Buster Bomb. Now we need to go and use it. Take it to the back of the white truck which we have ignored until now. Place the Door Buster Bomb and step back, and let it explode.

Open the Right Side

In the back of the truck you’ll be able to press a button on the desk inside which will cycle through various bomb schematics on one side, and light combinations on the other.

This is another one of those moments where co-op is useful. The answer to which bomb schematic you need is back in the Police Tent. Return there, and look on the noticeboard on the left. You’ll see the schematic pinned up that you can look at.

The characteristics to remember are the fact that there are three capsules on the right hand side, and that the box on the left isn’t quite square and looks a little like a jerry can.

Return to the white truck and keep pressing the button until the schematic on the right matches the one you just saw. You’ll then need to make a note of the corresponding light pattern on the left. It is:

White White
Black White
Black Black
White White

Take this information back to the main bomb in the middle of the quad. You will notice on the right hand side there are same configuration of 8 lights, and you need to replicate this pattern on it.

Once you have done so, like before with the Left Side, press the tick button and some wiring will open up.

Learn Russian

Now we need to put some items we’ve been holding onto for a while to good use and find out how to actually defuse the bomb.

Firstly go out of the tent and circle the quad until you find the large yellow cube that we’ve ignored up until this point. When you investigate you will notice some Russian text at the top and then a grid below.

Consult your Russian / English Encyclopedia and match the words to discover that the Russian is infact saying:

3 Red Bouqets

Now you might have noticed as you’ve been puzzling so far that there are random bouquets of flowers dotted all around the place. Now we’re looking for the red ones, and there will be three of them.

To help in your search open up your Map of the Quad. On this map of the area you are in, you’ll see six Question Marks on it. These are potential locations of red bouquets, so explore the areas marked on the map until you find the red flowers.

You’ll discover that the red flowers are located at:

A4, B6 and д2

Proceed to press these buttons on the grid of the yellow cube to open it. Inside you’ll receive a VHS Tape and some Clippers.

Back to the Police Tent we go and place the VHS Tape in the recorder on the desk next to the Teapot briefcase we unlocked earlier. This will then project the VHS onto the screen.

Again we have more Russian to translate. The video is telling you which wires you need to cut with the Clippers.

Open up your Russian / English Encyclopedia. So the way the video goes is it puts up the name of a colour on the screen written in Russian with a “?” after it, and then it responds Yes or No to if it is a cut. You are looking for the word “Yes” to appear, which in Russian is “дa”

There will be two Russian colours that will appear like this which you should translate using the Encyclopedia. Don’t worry if it changes to quick as the VHS is on a loop.

The colours you should get are:

Yellow and Green

Diffuse the Bomb

Now we know which wires to cut, head to the bomb in the centre of the Quad and now pay close attention to the wiring in both sides. On the left side, you’ll want to cut the Yellow Wire. And on the right side, you’ll want to cut the Green wire.

Now all that’s left to do is press the big red Disarm button.

Congratulations, the bomb is diffused and you have just finished this escape room.