Escape Academy The Rival Room Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

The Rival Room is the ninth escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy The Rival Room Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 35 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 4/5


Fire the Ballista

You’re in a head-to-head race against your rival Gillian, and we have to beat her, so let’s get started. There are five rounds of puzzles, and the first revolves around firing the Ballista in front of you.

To your immediate left, you’ll see a red panel with some Gears on it. There are some missing spaces, where Gears need to go to complete the mechanism, so now we just need to find them.

There are three Gears to find in all. The first is in an orange box to the left of the red panel, so open it up and grab the Large Gear. To the right of the red panel is a dark box, which has the Medium Gear inside. To the left of the orange box, where you found the Large Gear is a white cupboard. Open it to find the Small Gear.

Now it’s just about putting the Gears in the right place on the red panel. There are five potential places to put the Gears but you only have three. The solution is:

Large Gear: Bottom Left hole
Medium Gear: Far Right hole
Small Gear: Centre hole

With all the Gears placed, you just need to interact with the Gears, by turning the one on the far left (the one with the handle). All the Gears should turn which will fire the Ballista. Onto round two.

Identify Your Targets

In the second area, you’ll see a lot of statues with names on them. The key to this puzzle is the question that is on the sign at the far end of the room. It reads:

“Which 3 can you both see?”

The “both” refers to you and Gillian, who is also trying to solve the puzzle through the cage to your right. As you look that way you’ll see a load of letters on the cage. Hidden in the words are a load of names that correspond to the names on the statues in the room.

The key thing to think about is considering what Gillian can see from her perspective. And which words will appear the same from both sides. In order for that to be the case, the following two things need to be true:

The name needs to be spelled vertically
The letters in the name all need to be vertically symmetrical

Given these constraints, there are only three names that appear this way on the cage of letters. And then you need to interact with these statues and move them to the back of the arena onto the three plinths.

If you’re struggling to work out which three names are the correct ones, the solution is:


Placing these statues on the plinths will open up the next stage of the Rival Room.

Balance the Scales

The next section is all about weights. And your first task is to pick up the weights you can see to the left-hand side. They will be on some Weight Stands, on either side of some weighing scales. So pick up the Red Weight, Blue Weight, Orange Weight, Green Weight, and White Weight.

Now the key is to understand how much each Weight weighs. Each weight weighs between 1KG and 5KG, and each one has a different weight. So the idea is you put different weights on the scale to see which are heavier than each other, to determine the weight order.

Once you have the weights of each colour, you can input it into a machine to the right to keep track, and then assist you in the next part of the puzzle. If you’re struggling with the weights, the correct weights are below:

Red Weight: 1KG
Blue Weight: 2KG
Orange Weight: 4KG
Green Weight: 3KG
White Weight: 5KG

Input these into the machine, and you’ll hear the familiar Escape Academy theme knowing you’ve got it right. So, now we know what each one weighs we now need to use them to balance a set of see-saws.

There are 3 see-saws, each one demanding a set weight be put on them. They are 7KG, 9KG, and 14KG. Now all the weights we have only add up to 15KG which isn’t enough for all three, so we’re going to need some help.

Luckily because they’re seesaws, putting them on certain parts of the beam will give us more leverage. And these are clearly marked as 1x, 2x, and 3x. So now we can use our five weights, and multiplication to get to the three target weights simultaneously.

There is only one solution for the combination of weights that works, but if you’re struggling, here is the solution:

7KG: White on x1 Red on x2
9KG: Green on x3
14KG: Orange on x3, Blue on x1

This will open up the door to the next area.

Rotate the Chamber

Once you’ve exited and climbed a few stairs, you’ll be in the next part of the arena. You’ll need to pay attention to the board opposite you that tells you the solution you’re aiming for:

“Enter combo using under 10 rotations:
Circle, Spade, Club, Triangle, Square, Diamond, Heart”

You’ll notice the large blue, yellow, and red hollow cubes towering above you, with various shapes on them, and buttons next to those shapes. You have to press the buttons in the order mentioned above to complete the puzzle. The problem is many of those shapes are high on the wall or on the ceiling! So we need to find a way to reach them.

To the right-hand side is a machine with Purple, Green, and Orange sections, and directional arrows in each one. Essentially this machine controls the big structure with the shapes and buttons in it. And pressing those directional buttons will make it move in certain ways.

To understand how it moves, you need to consider a couple of things firstly:

Purple = Red and Blue
Green = Blue and Yellow
Orange = Red and Yellow

So when you click a directional button in that colour section, it will move those corresponding two sections of the cube.

The other thing to remember is what the two different direction buttons will do:

Left one: Move the structure anti-clockwise
Right one: Move the structure clockwise

So now you know everything you need, it’s now about locating where the shapes that you need are, moving the right parts of the structure so that these shapes move to ground level for you to press the buttons in order.

The other consideration though is that you only have ten rotations to press all the buttons, so you shouldn’t go pressing them randomly, as that wastes rotations. So consider carefully what shape you need next and move the ones you need. It’s also worth noting that sometimes you can cleverly maneuver the buttons so the next two you need could be at ground level at the same time, making your rotations more efficient. So always look ahead for the next one or two shapes when considering a rotation.

Also note if you get it wrong, you can press the reset button to the right of the panel to start again and try another time to get it in ten rotations.

If you cant quite understand how to do it then a solution is below in just six rotations:

  1. Purple Right button
  2. Green Right button
  3. Purple Right button
  4. Purple Right button
  5. Purple Left button
  6. Orange Right button

Now make your way through the door at the back of the room that has now opened.

Go for the Bronze

We’re in the final chamber, and there are quite a few puzzles to do in such a small space, but we’ve got this. Everything between now and escaping is done in the structure up the stairs. Before you get stuck in though, first move backward until you can see all the puzzle squares in view. You’ll notice that starting from the bottom left, the colour of the puzzle squares alternate between black and white. Remember this, and then look into the puzzle squares in earnest.

We need to do the puzzle squares in order. Thankfully we’re told which one to begin with, thanks to a START message above the central top square. Inspecting this square, you’ll see that you can flip each of the squares to each be a dark or light colour. The trick here is to make it match the light and dark colours of the squares you just observed for the puzzle squares and replicate it. Remember, begin from the bottom left with dark and then alternate between light and dark.

This will open up the square, and inside is the Cabinet Key.

There is a puzzle square to the right-hand side with a keyhole in it. Use the Cabinet Key there. Inside you will find a clue written on the back of the inside of the square. It reads:


This is a double clue really. Because it tells us to go and ring the bells next, which is a puzzle square to the left. So move there now. But what it also does if you look closely is tell us which bells to ring. Check the underlined letters and you’ll realise you need to ring these bells in order:

G, E, A, E, D

Doing so will open up this square, revealing another message:


Inside is also the Bronze Medal, which you should pick up.

Go for the Silver

Now we need to turn our attention to another puzzle square, using our most recent clue. It is on the top row of squares, to the left-hand side, and has 3 yellows spinning dials with pictures on them. Our clue is regarding a flying pig, so that is exactly what we need to make:

Left: Pig’s head
Middle: Wings
Right: Pig’s tail

This will open up the puzzle square, and gives us yet another clue. This time a set of arrows that reads:

Up, Right, Up, Left, Down

So, now we need to head to another puzzle square, namely the one in the top-left corner which has four arrows on it. Thanks to solving the flying pig puzzle, we know what the order of the code is so input Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, and open the puzzle square.

Inside will be a load of coins. Notably some 1 Cent Coins, some 5 Cent Coins, and some 10 Cent Coins. Now we need to use these on our next puzzle square.

Head over to the top-right puzzle square, and you’ll be faced with six holes within which to put your newfound coins in. However, there’s a catch. There are some numbers along the top and to the side of each coin slot. These are the values that each column or row needs to add up to when you’ve finished putting coins in.

Given you can only work with denominations of 1, 5, or 10, there is only one solution to this problem that will make all the rows and columns add up correctly. However, if you need the solution, then see below:

First Row: 1 Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent
Second Row: 1 Cent, 10 Cent, 1 Cent

This will open the puzzle square and you can pick up the Playing Cards within.

Now we need to head to the bottom-left puzzle square, which has a clock on it. The idea is to move all the clock handles to point at the right number on the clock. But how do we know where to put each hand?

A quick glance at our newly-acquired playing cards reveals the following

King of Hearts
7 of Spades
Queen of Diamonds
3 of Clubs

So we can see we need to move each hand to the following

Heart Hand: Move to K
Spade Hand: Move to 7
Diamond Hand: Move to Q
Club Hand: Move to 3

Move the hands once clockwise by pressing the corresponding button on the puzzle square. Once they are all lined up, the puzzle square will open to reveal the word “BANE” inside. There’s also the Silver Medal to pick up.

Go for the Gold… And the Trophy!

With our new BANE clue, we need to head to the last remaining puzzle square on the top row. Funnily enough, we have a four-letter padlock to break. So use the word BANE to unlock the padlock and open the puzzle square. Inside you will find the marbles.

Now we move to our final puzzle board where we need to use the marbles to win. We have yellow and orange marbles and need to make sure each one lands in the correct colour section at the bottom. Put your marbles into the machine.

Now, before you press anything, it’s key to understand how this machine works. Any time one of the light-coloured platforms gets hit by a marble, it will flip, and the marble will run down in that new direction. This will happen every time until it lands in a bucket. As such this machine is not random. You can calculate which bucket each marble will land in. And therefore if the next marble is going to land in a yellow bucket, make sure you select the yellow marble next by pressing the yellow button.

Take your time, between each button press to assess which colour you’ll need. If you’re struggling, the solution is:

Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Orange

Doing this successfully will unlock the puzzle square, where you can grab the Gold Medal.

Go to the centre of the puzzle squares now and you will see a podium. Place the Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, and Gold Medal on the podium for victory and bag the trophy, just ahead of Gillian!




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