Escape Academy The Tea Kettle Walkthrough

by on July 14, 2022

The Tea Kettle is the eighth escape room in Escape Academy by Coin Crew Games, and here is our walkthrough to help you through every step:

Escape Academy The Tea Kettle Walkthrough Details

Time to complete: 25 Minutes

Difficulty Rating: 3/5


Find True Love

Right away as you start you’ll notice a tree in front of you notice, that it has the inscription:


We don’t know what the other initials are, but that’s what we need to find out. As you move past the tree, you’ll notice a tea kettle on a bench. This is where everything will come together at the end, but we have a lot to do before that.

Turn to your left and over the little platform, and then look to your left, and you should see a Garden Shovel sticking out of some dirt. Pick it up. Then just to the right of where you picked up the Garden Shovel, you’ll see a sign on a shed saying:

“True Love Blooms Here.”

The door is then locked by a 4-letter code. If only we had the initials of the other person…

With the Garden Shovel in hand, return back over the platform and into the central area by the Tea Kettle. Keep going straight, and over the other platform to reach the other side of the garden. Here you will notice two plots of lands each with a large “X” in them where you can dig.

Dig up the one on the right, and you will unearth the Professor’s Necklace. If you look closely at this necklace, it has the initials “KZ” on it.

Whilst you are here, you may as well dig up the other plot, and grab the Sereni-Tea Seed.

Now return back to the shed with the 4-letter lock. And put the combination of the two initial sets into it, like this:


This will open up the Shed.

Free the Beast

Within the Shed there is a mini puzzle to unlock a key item we need to advance. Firstly look to the left. You’ll notice a display case with a load of mugs in it. They are positioned in a specific way. It is:

1 Grey Mug
1 Red Mug
1 Red Mug
2 Blue Mugs
2 Red Mugs
1 Grey Mug

This seems a little random until you turn around and look at the opposite wall. Here there are some grey spanners, red paintbrushes, and blue wrenches hanging on the wall. You need to match up the tools to the same layout as the mugs, accounting for when there is either 1 mug or two in the display.

If you’re struggling, the solution is:

Spanner, Brush, Brush, Wrench, Wrench, Brush, Brush, Spanner

This will lower the panel and give you access to the coolest item in the game. It is a chainsaw called The Beast. And notice that it is currently fueled.

Fuel Up

Before you leave the Shed, check out the far end, and you will see a box on a table. Inside are some Strange Tiles to pick up. Now you can exit the Shed, and you’ll want to head back to where those soil patches were. Next to the one where you found the Professor’s Necklace, is a locked cabinet, with a Tile puzzle on it.

You’ve guessed it, we need to use the Strange Tiles on this puzzle. There are for empty space on the puzzle and we have four Strange Tiles, so the challenge is figuring out which Tile goes where.

Inspecting the existing Tiles on the puzzle helps here. You can see from the bottom four Tiles, that when two flowers are bred with each other (indicated by the double lines) they form offspring flowers of the same shape, but alternate colours to their parents.

Using that logic you can now work out which Strange Tiles fit in each slot. If you’re struggling with the solution, then see the answers below:

Bottom Right Tile: Blue Stripy Sunflower
Centre Left Tile: White-Green Tulip
Centre Right Tile: White-Black Sunflower
Top Right Tile: White-Green Sunflower

When you unlock the Cabinet, you’ll find two useful items in there. The first is a Propane Tank which we can pick up, and the other is some Gasoline which we will need to come back for later.

Return to the Tea Kettle in the middle and place the Propane Tank underneath the Kettle. We have fuel!

Fill the Kettle

Now we need to get hold of some water. For this, we need to use THE BEAST! Return back to the side of the garden you just came from, and head towards the double doors at the end covered in vines. Attack them with The Beast and they will be no more. You’ll notice your Beast has run out of fuel and we will fix that later.

Go through the doors, and head to your left to pick up the Research Findings. It’ll be worth writing these down or having a co-op friend hold them for reference for the next bit. The Research Findings are:

“Butterflies will not land until the flowers are in the correct order.
Flower C must be second closest to the light
Flower A should be between two plants
Flowers A, B and E don’t need a lot of light
The blue potted plant must be to the immediate left of the red flowers
Flower D should be on an end

Now turn to your right, and you’ll see the flowers that are being referenced above.

You’ll notice the lamp to the left which is the light source mentioned in the third clue. From all the clues above there is only one correct solution. If you are struggling, the correct answer is:

D, C, A, B, E

Once that happens, you’ll notice that butterflies start appearing on each flower:

D Flower: Blue Butterfly
C Flower: Red Butterfly
A Flower: Green Butterfly
B Flower: Purple Butterfly
E Flower: Yellow Butterfly

Now, noting that, move to your right, and you’ll come to an orange cabinet, with some coloured butterfly buttons and the phrase:

“[B]eware: [A]ggressive and [D]angerous [B]ugs [E]xist [E]verywhere”

So obviously, we need to pay attention to the letters:


We now just need to cross reference those letters from the flowers to their coloured butterflies to know which order of buttons to press. The solution is:

Purple, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Yellow

This will open the cabinet, and you can grab the Bee-B-Gone.

Step back outside the doors that were previously covered in vines, and look to your right. You’ll find that the water pressure valve is being blocked by a beehive. Use your newly-acquired Bee-B-Gone to remove the pests. Now you can spin the value to provide water. Go back to the Kettle and turn the valve above it, to pour some water into it.

Steep the Leaves

Now, all we need is some tea leaves for the perfect cup of tea. First things first, we need to refuel the Beast. So head back to the Strange Tiles cabinet and use the Gasoline with the Beast to refuel it.

Then, we need to head over to the other side of the garden, and there is another set of double doors to chainsaw the vines off of. Do so, and enter them when they open. There are lots to see in here, but we need to do things in a certain order.

Firstly head round to the far right corner at the back, and you should see a set of weighing scales. Place the Sereni-Tea Seed we got a while earlier on the scales to see how much it weighs. You’ll see it weighs:


Make sure to pick up the seed again. We now need to cross-reference this information. Head left and round the corner and look at the wall to your right. You should see a Seed Weight Analysis board with lots of data points on them. We need to find the one that matches with 0.23G. The weights go along the bottom of the graph. When you get to 0.23G, you see the answer:


If you look to your right, you will find the Sereni-Tea chamber, and a machine where you can input a code. Unfortunately, we need a six-letter code, and we only have 3 letters right now. So we need to keep looking for more clues.

What you need to go is head over to the opposite wall and inspect the posters there. You’ll see a blue and pink poster detailing DNA formations based on the number of Chloroplasts. The DNA looks a lot like the second half of the code we need. So we need to find out how many Chloroplasts are in Sereni-Tea.

Next, look to your right at the poster of a Plant Cell. It tells you that the Chloroplast is an oval-shaped green small green part of the cell. Now we need to see how many of these are in the Sereni-Tea Seed. To do this take it to the microscope on the centre table and place it there. Then look in the microscope to take a really close up look.

By looking through the microscope, you’ll see that the Sereni-Tea Seed has 8 Chloroplasts in each cell. A quick run back to the DNA table reveals that 8 Chloroplasts equates to the DNA code:


Therefore putting these two codes together reveals our Sereni-Tea code of:


Go and enter this in the Sereni-Tea code machine, and you’ll be able to pick up the Tea Leaves. Return to the Kettle and put your leaves in, and voila the tea is ready and the escape room is finished.




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