Juri and Kimberly revealed for Street Fighter 6

by on August 8, 2022

Street Fighter 6 was always going to have some fan favourites, but after Juri was only DLC for Street Fighter V, it’s nice to see she’s getting a proper reveal early on, along with Kimberly and the game’s commentators.

Revealed at Evo 2022, Juri is returning from Street Fighter 4, where she was one of my favourite characters to play as. While she wasn’t a massive damage dealer, her speed and fantastic kicks never quite felt replicated again for me in Street Fighter V, so here’s hoping Street Fighter 6 gets it right.


New fighter Kimberly blends together her skills as a ninja with her love for ‘80s pop culture to create a riveting, yet dangerous fighting style. Juri returns as a wicked force and has added a few new tricks to her move set so she can relish in her opponents’ suffering.

Meanwhile, renowned fighting game commentators Tasty Steve and James Chen head to the mic as additional real-time commentary talent. Tasty Steve and James Chen, long time veteran casters on the Capcom Pro Tour circuit, join Vicious and Aru as the latest real-time commentators in Street Fighter 6. Players can listen in as their favourite fighting game commentators narrate the hard-hitting action with easy-to-understand gameplay explanations. Stay tuned for more details on all three Street Fighter 6 game modes – Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub – later this year.