Competition: Win an exclusive PUBG-themed skateboard deck

by on September 8, 2022

With the recent release of the brand-new PUBG: Battlegrounds ‘Deston‘ map, we’re giving away one PUBG-themed skateboard deck to celebrate. If you’re a fan of the well-loved Battle Royale, this deck will be a prized possession for fans of all kinds. Along with the new map, a host of new features dropped in update 18.2, including new vehicles, several points of interest, and new weapons. Deston is the ninth map released by Krafton Inc, giving players more reasons to jump into one of the most popular multiplayer shooters ever released.

Deston is filled with diverse biomes that include a flooded downtown that features one of the tallest skyscrapers ever seen in PUBG: Battlegrounds, a murky swamp, clear coasts, beautiful mountains, and unexplored islands. To get across the new 8×8 map, the new airboat vehicle travels up to speeds of 76km/h, carrying up to five players, and is only available in Deston. A slug shotgun known as the O12 has also been introduced exclusively to use in the map, with superior accuracy and range that’ll make it a must in mid-to-close range encounters.

Various points of interest make the map stand out, such as Ripton, a partially submerged city where players will wade through shallow waters and tall skyscrapers. The swamp is a shallow watered area for players to engage in, and the outdoor concert festival grounds gives players the opportunity to strut some dance moves in before heading out to claim that elusive Chicken Dinner. Finally, new exclusive utility items like the Ascender, Parachute, and Cell Towers will allow players faster and easier ways to travel. More details on everything can be found here.

All you have to do to enter and be in with a chance to win the PUBG-themed skateboard deck is follow the instructions below. The lucky winner will be announced one week from today, and the competition is available to UK entrants only. Good luck!

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