Sonic Frontiers theme is Vandalize by ONE OK ROCK

by on September 7, 2022

SEGA has announced the newest song from rock band ONE OK ROCK, Vandalize, will be the ending theme for Sonic Frontiers.

Due for release on November 8th, Frontiers is a new take on the time honoured classic blue blur gameplay, with boss battles, an open-world, and all sorts of other features.

Vandalize is a collaborative effort between SEGA and ONE OK ROCK, which reflects both the vast gameplay environment and the high-speed action you can expect from Sonic Frontiers. In support of today’s announcement, we have also released a new video where you can enjoy a sample of the song alongside Sonic Frontiers game footage.


“We partnered with SEGA because we relate to Sonic and how he’s taken on the world after getting his start in Japan,” said ONE OK ROCK’s lead vocalist, Taka. “We are based in the US and have performed in Europe, Asia and South America, so we are extremely happy to be able to work with the world-renowned Sonic.”

“This collaborative song, Vandalize, is very upbeat and has some Japanese-inspired melodies while also sounding like a ONE OK ROCK song. It also matches the cool image of Sonic and his speed when he’s running, so please enjoy Vandalize along with Sonic as he speeds across Sonic Frontiers.”

This new game is, according to Sega, “a new open-zone, action-adventure game, where Sonic sets off on a new adventure in the mysterious Starfall Islands in search of the missing Chaos Emeralds”.

The description of the game says that “The new high-speed, open-zone platforming gameplay gives players the freedom to explore the Starfall Islands any way they choose at speeds only Sonic can deliver with no pre-determined path. Sonic Frontiers is a massive leap for the franchise, taking Sonic into the future of 3D action games with an all-new playable world map, while paying homage to previous, beloved titles”.

We can’t wait to try this one out, fingers crossed it delivers!