League of Legends pre-season public beta environment changes hit tomorrow

by on October 3, 2022

The latest League of Legends pre-season 2023 changes will be hitting the public beta environment (PBE) tomorrow, and there’s a lot to take in.

Riot says that not only is the developer “shipping them a bit early this year to give us time to test changes and gather your feedback, so make sure you get those games in because there’s plenty to try out”, but also that things will be “in a pretty early state when you first see them, so expect changes to things like icons, item and effect names, visual and sound effects, stat values, and more as we continue to test features during PBE”.

Chemtech Drake will be returning this preseason with a brand new buff and soul!

  • Chemtech Drake will now grant a small amount of Tenacity and Heal/Shield strength when slain
  • Chemtech Soul will grant bonus damage when below a certain amount of health

Alongside the Chemtech Drake, the Rift will take on a new Chemtech-inspired appearance featuring Zaunite chemicals and mutated jungle plants with upgraded effects.

  • Blast Cones will now blast those in range twice as far as before
  •  Honey Fruits will upgrade into Stim Fruits, no longer slowing champions that consume them and granting a small bonus shield in addition to the usual heal
  • Scryer’s Bloom will upgrade into Stalker’s Bloom. When hit these plants will now reveal a small circular area around the plant and a cone opposite of the direction it was hit, granting movement speed towards revealed enemy champions and reducing wards revealed to 1 health.

Alongside these updates, there are improvements to Jungle, which means new pets which can be grabbed from the in-game store as “eggs”. You can acquire treats and help the pets evolve thanks to monster kills, and they’ll give you avatar buffs.

In an effort to make the jungle more welcoming to players unfamiliar with the role, we’ll be adding visual leashing indicators that will show how far camps can be pulled before their patience starts diminishing. We’re also decreasing the distance camps can be pulled, so no more having to stand on the perfect pixel in order to hyper-optimize your jungle clears.

There are also improvements to the communication tools in League of Legends (ping wheel update), lots more changes including adjustments to help top laners scale faster, along with new and updated items, so the best bet is to get playing and see how it all works for you.

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